December 12 2010

Interesting chart for 12.40 EST, Wall Street showing the Moon rising as the node and Mercury are on the Midheaven – alongside Mars and Pluto.

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9 November 2010

Planetary harmonics have my full attention and I hope to post thoughts on these following my return from Canada.

Am still focused on the Friday (12th) which I believe will mark a turning point on all markets – especially the Dow.

In preparation for the presentation in Toronto next Sunday (14th), have been working on currencies and now think that early days of December will be exceptionally busy – to include a crisis developing over 4th and 5th and affecting markets on 6th.

31st October

(Delay in blog transmission as I learnt to use the new system! Happily back on line now and aiming for a weekly if not bi-weekly bulletin).

Am looking for airline stocks to experience volatility this week – especially on Thursday 4th. Think it might be worth tipping British Airways for a success story in 2011. January’s upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is on their Ascendant. This, and other factors, suggests their price could soar in Q1 2011.

Fridays 12th and 19th keep hitting my radar. From the latter we might even see a bull run into the end of the year.

The nasties seem to be waiting for Jupiter and Saturn to complete their opposition in 2011 before markets tumble.

Prompted by my upcoming trip to Canada and preparations, certainly feel it would be wise to hold a few extra Canadian and Australian dollars – both currencies should move upward for the next couple of months at least.

19 October 2010

Apologies for the break in transmission!

16 October

A quick look at the week ahead:

Still a heavy emphasis on mining and mining stocks – probable rise in precious metals.

Full Moon on 23rd has a Venus theme – suggesting big theme could be partnerships (and mergers).

Following a reasonably successful Friday for picking turning points on Wall Street, these are the times for Monday – again in Wall Street and applying ONLY to that region. (London times will be offered tomorrow).

So, in EST and worth bearing in mind for trading S&P, Dow or Dollar Index.

10.00, 10.47, 11.35, 11.46 – 11.59 (greatest moves. This is key time to watch), 12.32, 13.30, 14.16*, 14.47 – 14.55.

Monday October 18th is 90 days from July 20th – a turning point for the S&P. The Sun won’t be square to the July position until Thursday 21st however.

On a currency note: yes, the long-forecast currency wars seem to be brewing – expect to hear more of this this week with Venus conjoining Vesta at the Full Moon.

15 October

Yesterday’s Wall Street times proved most interesting: expected activity occurred in the Dow at 11.01 EST, between 11.42 and 11.47, at 12.16, and 12.53 and picked up the low at 15.03.

The Dollar Index hit a low of the day at 11.o1 EST, was very active between 11.42 and 11.47, had a ‘best’ moment just after 13.00, made its low at 14.10 and turned at 14.35.

With this success, it’s worth picking up a few times for today (Friday). Again, these times apply only to Wall Street and are in EST. Don’t convert these to work in other indices – this is geo-specific.

10:05, 10:12, 10:58, 11:39 – 11.42, 12:12, 12:48, 13:33, 14.10, 14:28, 14:59.

It will be interesting to see if 10:58 and 14.10 are turning points for this index today.

Generally it looks as though the Dow could close a little higher but with increased volume today.

14 October

Am still working on a process to identify key times of day for each market. Times given below apply to Wall Street (local time) ONLY.


11 October

Venus’ station coincided with the New Moon – an interesting astro-back-drop for the G20 meeting in Washington this weekend. In simple terms, these are early days with relationships the big, big issue.

Prior to the meeting, Brazilian Finance Minister

9 October

Heliocentrically Jupiter moved into Aries today: will be looking for price moves in steel, metal, armament, heating and sports industries.

Mars moving through Sagittarius (helio) – expect gold price to keep moving upward at least until Full Moon on 23rd.

Geocentrically Vesta has now arrived in Scorpio – another push for mining stocks.

Am particularly interested in the Euro’s performance this week. It may be felt that it’s punching above its weight and that it’s value (relative to the US dollar) is too high. Am particularly interested in price moves late trading GMT on Wednesday 13th and potential currency turbulence on Friday as Wall Street opens.

Two quintiles: the first between the Sun and Pluto and then from Mercury to Pluto on Thursday and Friday respectively suggest more big banking stories on the way – and/or confirmation that both the UK and US are going for more QE.

7 October

Venus stations tomorrow and coincidentally the world’s largest pink diamond goes on sale in New York.

Geocentrically Jupiter is 30 degrees from Neptune which should be enjoyable for the fashionistas.

This aspect should work well for the advertising and media sectors.

It might not be too bad for the gold price either – which could reach new highs.