GENERAL ELECTRIC: A Short Astro-View  Where next??


Incorporation April 15th 1892, Schenactady, NY – time unverified used 09.00am

First Trade May 27th, 1926 10.00am LT NY

By the time that you read this, Uranus (by either helio or geocentric position) will have completed one and a half orbits of the zodiac from the position held at the incorporation of General Electric in April 1892.

Uranus is associated with chaos, disruption, discontinuity, upset, rebellion, revolution and upset. Uranus opposing itself suggests the potential for a dynamic change of direction: bringing both the potential for exciting development but yes, share price volatility too.

My basic rule of thumb is that if a forecast cannot be backed up by at least three astro-signatures, then it should not be made.

In this instance there are at least five factors that I consider to be drivers of potential product and service development as shown in the Incorporation chart for GE and which should- eventually – lead to major change in share price. The timing of dramatic share price change is apparent through analysis of the First Trade chart but the reasons behind that to be found in the Incorporation chart.

Even a quick review of the Incorporation chart reveals the following:

  1. The aforementioned Uranus opposition signals a fresh outlook and potentially exciting development of new products and services.
  2. In 1891-2, Neptune and Pluto formed their most recent conjunction – at approx. 8 Gemini. Mars crosses this degree in Q2 2019 within the time frame of the Uranus opposition and should act as an energiser
  3. Saturn – the anchor or dead weight – crosses the natal Mars position. With this transit completed (later in 2019), a project could achieve regulatory satisfaction and be ready for sale.
  4. The building trine aspect between transiting Pluto and natal Saturn (at 24 Virgo and which becomes exact 2020/2021): a sound and reliable service or product on offer and, perhaps, linked to re-cycling?
  5. Transit Neptune moving to sextile natal Mars: good marketing

All this said, I am cognisant of the fact that Chiron is now moving through Aries. Whilst I have yet to study thousands of charts, what I have seen so far alerts me to the danger of collapse and loss as Chiron moves across a solar position. (This applies particularly if Chiron crosses the solar degree of the Chief Executive: a chart not used in this writing).

Chiron has though crossed these degrees of the GE chart before – and survived – twice. On both occasion GE has been involved in new ventures that have proved costly and unsuccessful. The most recent crossing (transit) was in the late 60s and early 70s when GE joined forces with Bell Laboratories to develop the Multiscoperating system on a mainframe computer. The project was not a commercial success though the investment of time and money was not entirely wasted as other ideas developed from this initiative.

It is not unreasonable to conclude that GE might well be seduced into similar projects in the coming years and that though these might yield reward later, that initial development will be costly and that this will be a contributing factor to low share price.

As explained, it is necessary to review both the chart for First Trade along with the Incorporation chart, to determine likely trend in share price.

The First Trade chart shows clearly that this was always going to be a ‘popular’ stock: Again, 5 key factors

  1. A Full Moon chart with the Moon at 6 Sagittarius (global appeal)
  2. Vesta exactly aligned with the North Node in Cancer. (a sound but exciting investment)
  3. Venus EXACTLY conjunct the Midheaven (a front runner)
  4. Sun EXACT parallel Pluto (a wealth provider)
  5. Pluto on the Sun/Moon midpoint with Mars on Sun/Uranus (building strength and exciting opportunity)

The list goes on………..


The links between Incorporation and First Trade are as powerful:

  1. Both have Moon in Sagittarius with only 3 degrees separation.
  2. The lunar South Node is exact on incorporation Mars
  3. First Trade Saturn is on Incorporation South Node
  4. First Trade Chiron is within 2 degrees of Incorporation Mercury

From this it seems appropriate to say that the relationship between those who invest in this company has very real bearing on GE’s organisation, administration and product development.

Before considering what the future might hold, it is worth mentioning that at First Trade, Chiron was positioned close to the Ascendant (9 Leo) at 11 degrees of that sign. This suggested that this degree area – and the squares and opposition to it – warranted careful study.

On the last day of January 2018, there was a lunar eclipse at exactly this degree. Though there was no major price activity that day, this may have been an important factor is ‘sensitising’ this degree area. A few months later, Mars stationed in aspect to this degree. This was followed by Mercury stationing ON this degree in August of that year, and was followed by Venus stationing at right angles to it in early October 2018.

It is interesting that at the Mars, Mercury and Venus stations in 2018 that the price level was virtually the same: $12.

Mercury is due to station at 11 Scorpio (right angle to this degree) in November 2019 and could see a return to this price.

From this astro-analysis, what might we expect of GE stock in the coming months?


The key transits affecting the First Trade chart in 2019-2020 are

  1. Pluto’s transit of the South Node (undermining value)
  2. Saturn’s opposition – and station – opposition Pluto (forcing the price down)
  3. Uranus’ transit of natal Chiron (attention to negative factors and again pushing the price down)
  4. Neptune’s opposition to Mars (weakening price)
  5. July 2019 Solar eclipse within 3 degrees of natal Pluto (potentially lowering)

Again, the list could go on………

Yet by Mercury’s November station, and with the above aspects on the wane, the outlook for 2020 using the First Trade chart appears positive:

Again, using the 5 point system

  1. Pluto leaves the South node and moves to sextile Saturn and trine Mercury (revival!)
  2. Neptune trines both natal Saturn and Vesta (price rises)
  3. Uranus continues its square to the Ascendant and Chiron (a break through)
  4. Saturn trines itself and sextiles Mercury (consolidating and then proving trade-worthy)
  5. Jupiter crosses the South Node (encouraging investment)

Planet Sign analysis

A review of the sign position of the faster moving planets geocentric sign positions between 1980 and the present (38 years of data) shows that GE share prices tend to rise most when Mars moves through Virgo (August 18 – October 4th 2019), or when Venus moves through Capricorn (in 2019, November 26 – December 19, 2019) or with Mercury moving through Sagittarius (December 9th – 29th).

The over-lapping of the Mercury and Venus positions (December 9th to 19th) suggests that this could be a positive 10 days for GE: perhaps heralding better times in 2020.

As a final point of interest, a review of the Lunar Apogee and Perigee positions over the last 3 years reveals a pattern warranting more research. It would appear that GE stock is sensitive to this cycle: turning downward from apogee on no less than 28 occasions out of the 37 researched. Much more work to do – but intriguing.


Christeen Skinner March 2019