Here in the UK, Patisserie Valerie whose IPO was 19th May 2006, has narrowly avoided receivership by a £20m loan injection. Its finance officer was briefly arrested but later bailed.

Could study of planetary cycles have led to a forecast of these events? Probably.

Of course Patisserie Valerie was not the only business to come to market that day and the others are not in this predicament. The link between Patisserie Valerie’s registration in 1926 and the IPO date reveals why this company is experiencing present difficulties.

For the moment though I’ll focus on the IPO date and suggest 5 astro-reasons as to the reason behind recent challenges.

  1. MARS: Rising at 20 Cancer in the IPO chart and presently challenged by Pluto (take-over in 2019?)
  2. MARS again: in final quarter square to Venus (18 Aries) in the IPO chart and Venus and Mars presently in similar aspect – the challenge of the IPO repeated in the sky. NB. The final IPO share price was lower than expected.
  3. MARS – again! Has been retrograding over the Moon-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius (fraud or tax difficulty) – a situation that should resolve by the Full Moon on October 24th
  4. NEPTUNE (miscalculation or fraud) has been conjunct IPO Uranus in Pisces for the better part of a year. Technical issues could be at the root of present difficulties i.e. no fraud, just maladministration.
  5. JUPITER: Recent Jupiter return (and at the IPO retrograde). Possible over expansion and again, suggesting lack of accounting regularity – difficulties not yet fully exposed.


FORECAST: Astro-signals suggest a take-over in 2019