Research suggested that the geocentric passage of Mars through Virgo was important  for both the silver index and for sterling (more on that in another article later). This drew my attention to early September when I thought both the silver index and sterling might see sharp moves.

At the New Moon in September 2019, the silver index reached $19.67. The last time it was over $20 was in July 2014.  I was particularly interested in the September New Moon as not only would there be a stellium in Virgo, but this would take place just a few days before the Sun and Mars aligned in that sign for the first time since 2004 – but in a quite different degree area (21 Virgo). The recent conjunction took place at 10 degrees Virgo – at right angles to an already identified 9-10 area of the Mutable signs where silver had reached major turning points in the past. I figured that it might be worth purchase of this index at the lunar eclipse in July with a view to selling in early September. If this trade proved profitable, this would give ideas to other possible trades in 2020.

Since I anticipate that both gold and silver will do well in February and March 2020 when once again there is a build-up of planets in Earth signs, I wondered if the September New Moon would prove a key date. If that proved to be the case, then it may be that concentrated activity either at 10 Mutable or perhaps a stellium in Earth signs would see similar activity.

Silver futures trading began on the Chicago Trading Exchange on July 5th 1933. The chart for this event, based on 09.30 local time, shows an interesting angle between the Solar and Saturn position. The two are almost 150 degrees apart with Saturn at 15 Aquarius. This degree lies exactly half way between a Solstice and Equinox point: a zodiac marker of much significance.

The very fine financial astrologer Jack Gillen suggested that calculating a chart for the moment when the Sun reached this exact degree each year – and from this focusing on the lunar position, would yield clues as to how silver prices would fare in the ensuing months. The Sun passes this degree in February each year. Research suggests that though this method is compelling; potentially signalling a bumper year for silver in 2022 when, as was the case in 2011 when silver reached a high, there is a Moon-Neptune conjunction in this derived chart.

Affirming potential for price increase in 2020, Jupiter makes hard aspect to the Solar position in the 1933 chart. Jupiter conjoined this position in August 2013 when the price rose in the weeks leading into the aspect, peaking at the aspect and then falling. Jupiter opposes this solar position at the end of January 2020. Of course one cosmic event is not enough on which to base a forecast. However, since this event coincides with Mars’ transit of the Sagittarius Moon in the 1933 chart, it may be that investors feel compelled to invest and that this results in a spike in prices. The potential for silver attracting attention is further exaggerated by a conjunction of Venus and Neptune in Pisces – and as Mars makes major aspect to Mars in the NYSE chart: another indicator that investors, threatened by falling share prices, might be drawn toward silver, resulting in an upward push.