On March 5, 2024, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) celebrated its bi-centenary. This much-loved British institution is staffed by volunteers and receives no state aid. Literally hundreds of lives have been saved by the heroes and heroines who go out to sea in all weathers to rescue those in distress. Its inception was the result of community effort and awareness of the unpredictability of the sea.


What is noteworthy is that it was locals—i.e., those who know the local seas well—not politicians, who created this life-saving institution. Individuals formed communities who have gone on to save others.


Given the turbulent planetary seas indicated by the combined ingresses of the major outer planets, we may need to take similar action. It is unlikely that we can rely on other authorities to help and probable, that just as with the RNLI, we will need community support to negotiate the approaching financial waves.


At the RNLI’s inception in 1824, Pluto had just crossed the Aries point and was at right angle to Jupiter, then moving through early Cancer: an aspect that underlined the need for brave (Aries) rescue from the seas (watery Cancer).


In 2027, Jupiter in speculative Leo opposes Pluto in community-minded Aquarius. The hard aspects between these two planets coincides with periods of great risk and history suggests that navigating these periods is challenging.


Note, too, that Saturn and Neptune will conjoin at 0 Aries in the first quarter of 2026. As with any conjunction, there is a multiplicity of possible events that could coincide with this event. The last time that these planets met at a Cardinal point was in the mid-18th century when there was a major outbreak of disease. Recurrence is possible and, as with the recent Covid pandemic, find many people draining resources as their businesses are disrupted.


Neptune’s transit of a fire sign has coincided with a rise in inflation. In contrast, Saturn’s role is to confine and to put on the brakes. The combined effect may be indicative of a global fight to control (Saturn) what appear to be inflated costs (Neptune) particularly those related to energy. Here we should be concerned as Jupiter will, by then, be transiting fire sign, Leo.


The astrology of energy—and especially of oil—is worthy or special attention. The first barrels of oil were collected in Titusville, Pennsylvania as Pluto transited 8 Taurus. By the end of this decade, Pluto will reach the last quarter of this orbit and the final phase of dependency on oil should begin. Between now and then, with global war a distinct possibility, prices could soar.


A quick review of the 20th century focusing on those years when multiple ingresses have taken place within short time frames, (1912–1918, 1938–1945, 1956–1958, and 1981–1984) reveals the unwelcome fact that the reaction of mankind through such periods has coincided with war. True, there is always war somewhere on planet Earth, but what is remarkable about the years mentioned is the intensity and number of nations involved in disputes leading to loss of life on a grand scale.


Nightly news highlights global tension and unless there are major changes in human behavior, we may be sure that by Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto in 2027, we will surely all need the services of lifeboats of one kind or another.


The Age of Artificial Intelligence is here and will result in mass redundancies with subsequent loss of earnings. The idea of a statutory wage for all will surely gain momentum. In the short term however, we will surely all need to rely on one another, learn how to barter and form local ‘community financial lifeboats’.


That this same timeframe coincides with the Lunar Node passing through Aquarius which, in the past, has coincided in the USA with periods of low stock activity, accentuates the need to have a safety net in place. It should be noted that the Lunar Node’s passage through this sign has marked a low in property prices.


There is, of course, no guarantee that any of us can position ourselves physically, financially or emotionally out of harm’s way. Where astrology can assist is in alerting us to the periods of intense drama and indicate sectors in which we could invest to secure our nest egg.


We start with interest rates. There is a very definite astro-pattern at work here. Although the reason for a rate rise varies, there is a pulse or rhythm at work. Analysis of the last two centuries reveals patterns related to Jupiter’s position by sign, combined with major aspects by the slow-moving planets to the lunar North Node.


Assuming that this cosmic sequence continues, then it is unlikely that we will see rate rises in the next 18 months but, from 2026, much to suggest steady increase through to 2032.


In terms of preparing your lifeboat, it would surely be wise to budget for such increases. Those with cash to spare might also bear in mind the potential to buy property in the likely low in 2027.


Following the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions of 1981 in air sign Libra, the global financial world changed forever. That decade, often the dubbed the “Yuppie” years, witnessed the birth of what, by the global financial crash when Pluto squared the Libra Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, were to become known as “weapons of financial destruction.” The fallout from the global financial crash that coincided with Pluto’s Capricorn ingress is still not complete.


Meanwhile, this last decade has witnessed the birth of Bitcoin and other currencies. The idea of peer-based and trust-authenticated trading systems is surely to be applauded. Yet nothing is ever without danger and new digital currencies are wholly dependent on energy. They may be particularly sensitive to solar activity with systems potentially knocked out by solar storms.


The number of crypto currencies now in existence is bewildering, and it is understandable that many people baulk at the idea of any involvement with them. Yet learning how to use these will be an essential requirement as many countries adopt digital currencies.


Preparing your personal financial lifeboat will require ingenuity. A useful rule of thumb is to view each digit on your hand to represent a type of investment e.g. property, cash and currency, shares or ETFs, commodities and finally, your talents and skills. You don’t have to invest an equal amount of energy in each, but see this as ‘your personal financial portfolio’.  As an astrologer you have an advantage: it won’t take you long to identify those periods when you might be challenged. In fact, navigating the tidal waves of change might even be enjoyable.



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