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Astro-Finance Forecast 2021

Now available

Includes a review of likely trends in 2021 and dates of probable exceptional stock market activity, thoughts on platinum, silver, gold and Bitcoin.

2021 Forecast £60 GBP

Buy Now: 59.95 GBP

2021 Forecast £60 GBP

Trading with the Moon (Part one)

Trading with the Moon Part One: a Masterclass in AstroFinancial Trading

Learn how lunar phases, signs, declination and distance affect markets.

is now available

Trading with the Moon (Part 1) £60 GBP

Buy Now: 60.00 GBP
Trading with the Moon (Part 1) £60 GBP

Learn more about Financial Astrology through a series of masterclasses and webinars

The accuracy and trust that can only be given by renowned author Christeen Skinner

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The Astrology of Bitcoin

Content includes:

The cosmic back drop to Bitcoin’s inception.

A brief look at Bitcoin’s first decade

Deducing sensitive degree and time periods

Forecasting the next few years

Key dates 2021

The Astrology of Bitcoin £39.95 GBP

Buy Now: 39.95 GBP


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An agenda is discussed and set in advance.

 Relevant charts are prepared and studied in advance of our 90 minute meeting or 60 minute telephone call.

Consult annually or monthly, with some businesses or entrepreneurs agreeing a regular full-day schedule.

 Specific future-casting work is also undertaken for those working in the fashion and media industries.

 Not only can analysis of planet positions identify specific periods of tension or ease, astro-geographic techniques show in which parts of the world these will be most keenly felt.

Primary consultation costs £240 + VAT (UK)

Subsequent consultations  £180 + VAT (UK)

Company analysis from £300 + VAT (UK)

Consultations are held in London offices or over the Internet using Go-to-Meeting or Skype platforms.

Please do not attempt pre-payment. Invoicing is sent when the agenda is agreed.

Please make an initial enquiry re availability here.