The progressed Moon in Declination

Following questions after the talk delivered at the London School of Astrology event in June 2016:

First: how to create this graph using Solar Fire:

At the top of the page, select Graphic Ephemeris from the Dynamic Tools list

My preference is to use a start date of January 1st of the year someone is born. I then assume they will live to 100 (you can adjust as you wish!)

This screen shot shows the various things to select:


The finished graph will look something like this:


The next stage is READING the graph.

Every line matters and the intersections – whose years you can track – are especially important.

The large curves, which are those of the progressed Moon in Declination are especially important with the turning points of these curves often marking important years in a person or company’s life.

It is important to consider the 18 months period prior to a turning point. It is often decisions and events taking lace at these junctures that lead to a change of circumstances at the turning point itself.

Very often these involve family, property, asset management and general finance.

It should NOT be assumed that an apparent downward curve is indicative of ‘downward’ finances! or that the upward curve brings increase. Full focus should be given to that eighteen month period PRIOR to the turn and the 18 months thereafter. Generally this is a four year (2 Mars cycle) period of adjustment.

A webinar on this subject is offered annually. Please use contact form for further details.