As many of you will be aware, along with some of my colleagues, I made an incorrect call about the US election. Though I made plain that I couldn’t imagine Hillary Clinton being inaugurated on 20th of January, I did feel that the Democrats would have the edge. I did not anticipate a win for Donald Trump. We are, where we are.

I expressed open misgiving at the ISAR conference in Costa Mesa, California, that the inauguration might not go ahead as planned. I felt there was something weak, shady, sad and distressing about the event. My colleagues, far more familiar with the charts of the Clinton family took on my thoughts and we discussed the health of both Bill and Hillary Clinton and how this might jeopardise the event. I was reluctant to join in that conversation – not just because I’m not skilled as a medical astrologer – but also because it felt not quite right.

Yet there is something not quite right about the chart for the 2017 Inauguration. With that in mind I have now looked again at the charts for all inaugurations since the date was changed – back in the 1930s – from March to January 20th. There is only one chart that is at all similar to the one planned for 2017. That’s the chart for 20 January 1973 when President Nixon was inaugurated.

It is entirely possible that Mr Trump’s presidency will meet a similarly sticky end. That of course assumes that the event will go ahead as planned.

Some of you will know that Mr Trump was born with the Moon in Sagittarius very close indeed to the South Node of the Moon. Approximately every three decades, Saturn will pass this configuration. Generally speaking, most people find this a difficult and challenging time. Those who move house under this configuration are either compelled to do so or discover having done so, that the responsibilities of the new property mean they can’t wait to get out of it. I suspect that in Mr Trump’s case this would be exaggerated.

That of course assumes he gets there in the first place. Between now and January 20th there are some formidable planetary configurations. Similar patterns in the past have brought news that have exposed scandals. It is not at all inconceivable that what’s exposed in the early part of December will create a shockwave.

Even if this maelstrom were to be negotiated, I have little doubt that the entire period of 2017 will find Donald Trump facing legal battle after legal battle.

It’s recorded that he almost went bankrupt in 1990. At that time, Saturn was exactly opposed to the Saturn in his natal chart. This, combined with other events in his life, leads me to believe that Saturn transits are particularly difficult for him. Since Saturn is passing his Moon, his south node and opposing his Sun in 2017, I anticipate that it could yet prove his ‘annus horribilis’.

Nor do I wish to ignore the fact that he will be the 45th president of the United States – the number 45 describes an eighth of a circle and is generally viewed as bringing challenge. It may be that the American people have some rethinking to do – both about the nature of the presidency and how it is achieved.

But to return to the chart for the inauguration itself should it go ahead. A curious feature of the chart is that the Sun / Moon midpoint matches that of the Ascendant and Midheaven at midday on January 20th. Chiron, the planetoid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus is exactly on that point: though true, the oath of office will not be taken for some minutes after midday. However, even then Chiron will still be on that Sun-Moon midpoint. This says something about the need to problem-solve because there is an inherent difficulty. I would not be surprised if there was a legal challenge to his appointment.