Have you ever wondered why styles come back? Perhaps there is ‘nothing new under the Sun’. If you are reading this, then it’s probable that you are at least open to the idea that there is a connection between life on Earth and the movement of the planets. In observing planet positions, astrologers look back to see what happened last time a planet passed through a particular area of the zodiac or when there were certain planetary groupings (aspects).
Until 1781, Saturn was thought to be the most outer planet of our solar system. Saturn marked a boundary and is often viewed as a planetary ‘traffic warden or ‘cosmic headmaster’ defining areas and giving permission when earned. As this planet tours the zodiac, its influence can be seen in many areas: fashion being just one.

You might enjoy looking out for certain themes and styles coming to the fore as Saturn moves through Aquarius from late 2020 to 2022.

First consider: Saturn takes approx. thirty years to orbit the Sun. If you were standing on the Sun, you would see that it moves more quickly through some signs than others – depending on just how far away from the Sun it is. Viewed from Earth, there is a similar rhythm – made more complex by the fact that there are times when the planet appears in retrograde motion, so extending its time in a sign.
On September 2nd, 2020, and from the Sun-centred (heliocentric) perspective, Saturn moves into Aquarius. From the Earth (geo) perspective, it entered that sign on March 22nd, returned (as it was retrograde) to Capricorn (on July 2nd) and makes final Aquarius ingress on December 17th.
From either perspective, Saturn will be in Aquarius through 2021 and 2022. Depending on your age, you may have lived through this before. It moved through Aquarius through 1991-1993, 1962-1964, 1932-1934. You may have relatives who recall grand or great-grand-parents who were alive at the turn of the 20th Century (1903-1905).

Aquarius is one of the Fixed signs of the zodiac and traditionally is linked to the ankle area of the body. The fixidity of Aquarius implies straight lines and firmness. Saturn is associated with restriction, constraint, definition and austerity.
Let’s start with the ankle area and consider that perhaps lace-up boots would be in vogue as Saturn moves through Aquarius. Just look at these advertisements:

1903 – 1905
1931 Fashion

1931 – 1933
1931 Boots

1962 – 1964
1962 boots

1991 – 1993
1991 - shoes

Note the similarities!
We find other fashion themes echoing this approx. three decade Saturn-rhythm:
1903-1905 covers the Edwardian era when styles were slim, sleek, long and defined. For men, this included starched and high collars with buttons.
1903 Gentleman

The theme of long, slim, elegance appeared in the 1930s

………and in the early 1960s where the design again trims to the ankle and follows a geometric line.

And here is a lovely quote for the most recent Saturn in Aquarius transit: A surprising success in Fall 1993 was the long, black, fitted winter coat.

Will we see evidence of Saturn’s Aquarius influence in the next couple of years? Perhaps starting with lace-up or button-covered boots? –with a 21st Century space-age twist.
Or will it be elegant long skirts? Or wing-collars and buttons?

that what you see in the shops has to be both designed and manufactured months before.
It may be late 2021 before those earlier echoes are evident. – unless, of course, the designer was a student of astrology and knew what was coming.
Perhaps they are already at work!
future fashion

© Christeen Skinner