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Capricorn Trades

Capricorn Trades You may know that Jupiter is about to join Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. If the past is any indicator of the future – things aren’t looking good! Consider this chart for the Dow noting that Jupiter moves through all twelve signs in approx. the same number of years – so this chart […]

Parliament – 17th century repeats?

17th Century repeats? We know that the cosmos doesn’t do EXACT repeats yet it is tempting to look back to similar planetary pictures and wonder to what degree themes will repeat. There is a date for the ‘first’ sitting of the Westminster Parliament on 20 January 1265 (though the exact time of the event is […]

Market Notes October 2018

MARKET NOTES OCTOBER 14TH 2018 The planets didn’t disappoint and markets turned down after Venus’ station (October 5th) and markedly after Mercury entered geocentric Scorpio on October 10th. The next Full Moon on October 24th is the first of its kind since 1936 immediately prior to one of the greatest slides in stock market history.  It should […]

Notes October 14

COMPANY IN THE NEWS: PATISSERIE VALERIE Here in the UK, Patisserie Valerie whose IPO was 19th May 2006, has narrowly avoided receivership by a £20m loan injection. Its finance officer was briefly arrested but later bailed. Could study of planetary cycles have led to a forecast of these events? Probably. Of course Patisserie Valerie was […]