Financial Forecast 2022

One New Moon, Five continents and 5 extraordinary stories what next?

Exactly what does a New Moon herald?

On August 16th at precisely 09.38 GMT, the Sun and Moon shared the same degree of 23 Leo. Every New Moon is special but this one  appeared at right angle to Uranus: the planet of the unexpected. This planet is often placed angular (ie prominent in a horoscope chart) at times of explosion, eruption, discontinuity, breakthrough or political upheaval. The mundane astrologer (one who scans charts looking for correlation between planet placement and global events) anticipated shocking and high newsworthy events. With Uranus – planet of the unexpected – defining the stories would be hard. What they would have in common being ‘unthinkable’.

So what happened:


The New Moon hadn’t quite risen in Washington at this New Moon but Uranus, though not visible to the naked eye, was high overhead. This planet demands attention, so it was reasonable to expect that this lunation would herald a high profile political event -as it did:

The Lunar Node (destiny) was at the apex (Midheaven) of the New Moon chart through the city of Atlanta where ex President Trump was arrested. Who could have imagined a few years ago, the mugshot of a President of the United States appearing on global newspapers?

The force of this planetary alignment was seen in other ways:

On the other side of the USA, the Californian coast from south of San Diego through Los Angeles was subjected to a vicious and prolonged storm. The area is shown on astrocartography maps covering the longitudes where Mars and Mercury would be at the base of the horoscope.

Further north in Canada, these same two lines (Mars and Mercury) were dissected by Pluto rising over the horizon. This marked an area affected by forest fires. Saturn rising over the area north of Kamloops, British Columbia also marked an area where residents were forced to abandon their homes and seek shelter from fires that rushed down mountain slopes at terrifying speed.

Uranus was rising across the beautiful island of Maui in the Hawaiian islands bringing unexpected and hellish devastation to that part of the world too.



In Europe, the Sun and Moon appeared directly overhead in Moscow at the New Moon; suggesting that Russia and its politics would provide disturbing news. Prighozin, head of the Wagner group was killed when his private plane plummeted to Earth: a victim of assassination?

The New Moon was also proud through Kharkov and Belgorod: cities that experienced fierce fighting and explosion in the ongoing Ukraine war.

Continuing down through longitude 35 East where the New Moon appeared overhead, political turmoil and division was apparent in Israel.

Across Greece, Spain and Portugal, forest fires brought chaos and destruction. These areas were accented in the ACG maps where parans indicated activity. The dominant Sun square Uranus demanded that leaders (the Sun), took swift and urgent (Uranus) action.

In keeping with Pluto’s (big money and taxation) at the foot of New Moon charts drawn for German cities, it was announced that the German economy was stagnating and that urgent (Uranus again) action would be needed to revive it.

In London, fractured divisions in the conservative (presently ruling party) suggests further political upheaval on the horizon.



The effect of the Sun-Uranus square was felt in Australia where Prime Minister Anthony Albanese made a passionate appeal for Australians to vote Yes in the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum.

The New Moon was setting as Uranus reached the base of the chart just south of the town of Broome at latitude 18 S: the same latitude as Harare, Zimbabwe where Emmerson Mnangagwa, ‘The Crocodile’ won a second term as Zimbabwe president despite accusations of vote rigging. (Please note that it is not uncommon for a latitude to hum with vibrations i.e. to feel the effect of a planetary combination).

On an island north of Australia and with Saturn rising, 3 US Marines were killed whilst involved in a joint Australian-US helicopter training exercise.


Set for Shanghai, Uranus is found at the IC (base) of the chart: its angular position indicated the probability of shocking news regarding property.

Just a day after the New Moon, Zhongzhi Enterprise, the Chinese ‘shadow bank’, whose liquidity crisis fanned fears about financial contagion, announced plans to restructure its debt and to sell assets in order to repay investors.

It was further suggested that the housing slump is worse than official figures show, with existing-home prices down at least 15% in prime areas of Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Nor was China spared from unusual and shocking weather patterns. The devastation in north-east China’s Heilongjiang Province is having major impact on food supplies for the whole country.

Roughly half of the world’s population depends on rice as a food staple for survival and for south-east Asian countries, where 30% of the world’s rice harvest comes from there is deepening concern. Changing weather patterns have negatively affected rice production rice paddies in the Mekong Delta where they have been drying out.

In Pakistan, where Mars in the New Moon chart was on the Midheaven, the political repercussions following the earlier arrest ex President Imran Khan gained momentum. The probability of elections being postponed for some months increased.


©Christeen Skinner 21 Aug 2023