11 October

Venus’ station coincided with the New Moon – an interesting astro-back-drop for the G20 meeting in Washington this weekend. In simple terms, these are early days with relationships the big, big issue.

Prior to the meeting, Brazilian Finance Minister

9 October

Heliocentrically Jupiter moved into Aries today: will be looking for price moves in steel, metal, armament, heating and sports industries.

Mars moving through Sagittarius (helio) – expect gold price to keep moving upward at least until Full Moon on 23rd.

Geocentrically Vesta has now arrived in Scorpio – another push for mining stocks.

Am particularly interested in the Euro’s performance this week. It may be felt that it’s punching above its weight and that it’s value (relative to the US dollar) is too high. Am particularly interested in price moves late trading GMT on Wednesday 13th and potential currency turbulence on Friday as Wall Street opens.

Two quintiles: the first between the Sun and Pluto and then from Mercury to Pluto on Thursday and Friday respectively suggest more big banking stories on the way – and/or confirmation that both the UK and US are going for more QE.