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April 2016

Dear Fellow Star-gazers,

Happy Full Moon!

Before the next Full Moon on May 21st, there is a rare Mercury transit. On May 9th, S. America, Eastern North America and Western Europe will witness a dot (Mercury) move across the face of the Sun. Such transits occur roughly 13 or 14 times in each century and always in either May or November. May transits are slightly less frequent than November ones. The last time there was a May transit was on May 7th 2003. The 2016 transit is extra special in that it coincides with Jupiter’s station in Mercury-ruled Virgo.

Mercury is associated with messages – on occasion muddled and giving rise to its role as the ‘prankster’. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Politicians should be wary of speech-giving: they could misquote or be misquoted. I wonder too if we will hear more news about car manufacturing faults?

I am not sure that this transit with major market movement but it is possible that the period May 10th to 21st prove particularly volatile.

WAR: Mars stationed prior to turning retrograde just a few days ago. Mars last retrograded through Sagittarius in 2001 (War in Afghanistan) and before that in 1969 (War of Attrition Egypt and Israel). Given the conflicts already taking place across the world escalation in hostilities seems likely. Reviewing charts for the Middle East, for the USA, China and N. Korea suggests any or all could be involved. As explained in a newsletter earlier in the year, war cycles are gaining strength. It wouldn’t be so surprising if, around the next Full Moon on May 21st,  a major offensive was launched and if this led to even greater conflict than is seen presently. I hope to be wrong.

Of course, it could be that a combination of celestial events coincides with activity of a different kind:

NATURAL DISASTER You may know that the three primary cycles of the Moon are its phase (relationship with the Sun), declination and distance from Earth. When the Moon is at zero or maximum declination, and when this coincides with perigee or apogee and with a New or Full Moon, the Earth’s crust is affected. These three cycles came together at the New Moon two weeks ago. Last weekend, as Mars appeared to stand still in the sky, movement far below Earth’s surface resulted in action at the surface with earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador. This morning, in the hours leading into this Full Moon, another earthquake in Ecuador has been reported.

At the next Full Moon (May 21st), the Sun opposes Mars as Mercury stations and exactly between lunar apogee and lunar maximum declination. The combination might yet result in volcanic activity. Already it seems there are signs that at least one volcano is spewing clouds of dust. More action could ensue. Given that the zodiac axis involved is Gemini-Sagittarius, disruption to air travel seems likely.

MARKETS: Mercury joins Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in retrograde motion from April 28th: bringing with it the possibility of ‘financial chickens coming home to roost’. The period April 28th to May 10th should be given particular attention by traders as this may provide clues as to exactly how serious the global financial situation has become. Sharp moves are likely on Tuesday May 3rd and the following Tuesday, May 10th.

The NYSE Stock Exchange ‘birthday’ is on May 17th. Though there are several charts used for that date, the one I find yields best results puts the Sun at the apex of the chart for that date in 2016. It is entirely possible that if Wall Street endures a difficult time from April 28th to May 10th that by May 17th it will have recovered somewhat – even if this is temporary.


In August 2015, attention was on the Remnimbi (Chinese currency). The planet cycle at work then played again in late January-early February 2016 when Japan’s banks announced negative interest rates. That same cycle is at work again at the next Full Moon (May 21st). A rise in interest rates is possible but perhaps more likely is currency devaluation that rocks the financial world. It may be that within days of the next Full Moon we learn of the collapse of another bank or a major banking scandal.


Watch for how many ‘mis-speaks’ there are in the coming weeks – especially between end April and May 10th with Mars and Mercury retrograde – and with that Mercury Transit. Then listen out for a nasty war of words over the next Full Moon (speech-writers should quadruple check facts.) On the day of the UK Brexit vote there is a conjunction of Uranus and the asteroid Ceres. Uranus brings excitement and sudden shock and keywords for Ceres include ‘deep emotion’. As yet few seem willing to say which way they will vote. Polls between now and June are likely to be as unreliable as they were at the last election.

We often speak of a ‘middle age crisis’. One of the astrological signatures for this is Uranus’ opposition to the birth position: exactly the case if you compare the UK’s entry into the EU in 1973 and Uranus’ present position. I suspect that the outcome will come as a shock to many.

I am loathe to give a forecast about this but will stick to what I’ve written in earlier letters: that the UK will probably stay ‘in’ – at least for now. It may not be a case of the UK leaving the club but that the club itself disintegrates.


I have been loath to write articles for the website as the present version is not responsive. I am happy to tell you that a new site is being built and that when it is launched in the next few weeks it will carry short articles that can be read on all devices. Your thoughts on what you would like to see covered are most welcome.

I hope to announce its readiness and the date for the book launch in the next newsletter.

For now,

Yours from the stars,


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MARCH 2016

Dear Fellow Stargazers,
Happy Full Moon. Happy lunar eclipse and belated Happy Spring Equinox.
Critical phases indeed. Add Jupiter and Saturn (the business cycle) arriving at their last quarter phase and Chiron’s alignment with the lunar south node and we have ingredients for drama.
Of course it’s already happening: President Obama’s visit to Cuba is just one manifestation of major change and development. If this is optimistic news, the terror attacks in Belgium represent the very opposite.
Since the last Full Moon, Mars has entered Sagittarius (where might is right). It won’t reach even a third of the way through that sign before stationing (April 18thand just ahead of the next Full Moon) and retrograding back into Scorpio before stationing again and moving into Sagittarius again in early August. I am fearful of more terror attacks – especially around the Mars and Pluto stations (April 17th and 18th)
Some of you will know that Sagittarius is associated with international matters and with the rule of law. The winners between now and August are likely to be the lawyers. Yes, some would say that’s normal. This time though we should anticipate headline news about refugees, extradition, and aged treaties requiring review. Of course this happens daily anyway: it’s the intensity, the passion, the costs and the moral dilemmas this invokes that should ensure we are all affected until boundaries are put in place late in August when Mars and Saturn align.
As was the case last month, I have no idea where to start or what to cover in this letter: Politics? Markets? Investments? Currencies? As with the last issue, here are some quick thoughts on each:
Whilst so many eyes are turned toward the US Presidential election and, in the UK, the Brexit campaign, the emerging strength of small parties in Germany, the potential for elections in Australia and the fledgling government in Libya are all variations in the state of flux affecting all nations. I would advise against getting too excited about any or all of this. Once Mars is retrograde and then returns to Scorpio in late May, more – and probably unwholesome information will surely come to light. Powerbases will surely shift.
Note that Mercury spends an unusual length of time in Taurus (one of the money or more materialistic signs of the zodiac) this year. Figures won’t add up and recalculations become inevitable. Mr Trump may find he has a cash crisis (could be solved temporarily but not forever), tax receipts in the UK may be insufficient for needs etc etc. In short, there will be much for journalists to cover and plenty of bar room discussion to flow. As for actual outcome, I’m still awaiting unexpected developments in the USA but as regards Brexit, though I’m as sure as I can be that the present European model will collapse in the coming years, I don’t think that there will be a Brexit this time around.
Whilst markets appear well on their way to recovery after the sharp falls earlier in the year I do not expect this to last. I anticipate another downturn in the coming weeks and another low in May. Hints of this should be apparent around this FullMoon. If history repeats then the losers will surely be bank stocks. Indeed, before June, I anticipate the collapse of at least one bank. (Don’t ask which, there are too many to choose from!). All I feel sure of is that this sector is in poor shape and will be hit hard if share prices fall as expected. If that proves to be the case, this could be the time to buy in to this sector though. Gains could be made between late May and early December. Solar activity suggests April 7th, 11th and 18th could also bring major moves.
I suggested in my last newsletter that mid-April could see considerable movement in the gold index. The key date is April 18th when Pluto stations and Mercury is at Greatest Elongation. This could bring marked volatility in equities but also action in currency markets. Though I suspect that the US dollar will do well that week and so a strong move to the upside with gold seems unlikely, we live in curious times and both gold and the dollar could do well in the days leading into the next Full Moon.
Solar activity is forecast to be particularly strong on April 2nd and 11th. The latter date is worthy of extra attention. This follows the New Moon on April 7th and alignments with both Jupiter and Uranus. Singular scientific breakthroughs could be announced. Note these: there will be hints here for investors. Journalists are unlikely to have to forage for new stories: on the political stage especially there may be much excitement. Markets too are likely to be affected translating into marked movement on Monday 11th. This is probably to the upside but is unlikely to last more than a few days.
I am delighted to tell you that the manuscript for my book is with the publishers!!! Am sure you can imagine the relief. Will tell you more in the next Full Moon letter (April 22nd). Am now drafting the Beginner’s Guide and preparing articles for the AA, NCGR and two news outlets: more in the next newsletter
Until then,
Stay safe
Yours from the stars

February 2016

Dear Fellow Stargazers,

Happy Full Moon!

Where to start? The markets? Gold? The EU? The refugee crisis? The US Presidential nomination and election?  The Pisces solar eclipse (March 9th)?

Perhaps easiest to go through the list:


Last month’s forecast was not so wide of the mark. There are parallels with 1970 which, if they were to continue would mean that indices have yet further to fall: perhaps bottoming in late May before recovering. The next testing period comes in early March post the heliocentric opposition of Mars to Uranus. Add to that another opposition of Jupiter to Chiron (Feb. 23rd) and it seems that there will be more down than up in the coming days.

True, there is a positive aspect between Jupiter and Pluto mid-March and the days leading into this could see an upturn (possibly from the solar eclipse on March 9th). That trend is unlikely to last however – with decline most likely led by ‘bad’ news from the banking sector. It’s cracks in this area that are most likely to be major contributors to sharp falls between March and May.

THE EU and the UK

Prime Minister David Cameron has returned from talks with, apparently, a special deal in place. I am not sure that this deal has ‘stickiness’ and suspect that it might dissolve sooner rather than later. That aside, the date for the referendum is set for three days after the Full Moon and the Summer Solstice. The chart for close of polls suggests that there will be no ambiguity with the outcome. My reading of the chart suggests that the decision to stay ‘in’ will win – though I would understand and respect a different reading of the outcome.

What is clear is that the 1801 chart for the United Kingdom (a sort of UK PLC chart), which has been reliable for so long, now needs replacement: it has gone past its sell-by date (coinciding with the recent referendum in Scotland). A re-formation of the kingdoms of the British Isles is now over-due and is likely to be on the political agenda for much of the coming decade.

The Euro, though its value might well rise in 2018 – 2019, could yet come unstuck: most probably by 2025. Whilst some might see this as positive for sterling I am not so sure. The nature of currencies and the working of present day forex arrangements may well come under great change post the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2020. I suspect that emphasis then will be on the emergence of a new currency altogether (perhaps not Bitcoin but something similar)

For now, the status quo could be preserved with the UK voting to stay in the EU – though whether the EU will continue is another matter. A hastening into a new age is probable in 2017 when what I am calling Phase 2 of the Global Financial Crisis could yet get underway.


Indices fell and gold rose. No real surprise there. I suspect that we will see sharp moves in its price between April 17th and 19th. Riding these trades is probably not for the small investor however – especially as the dates involved cover a weekend. Those invested in this area are perhaps more likely to realise profits in October 2017 or April 2020. After the latter date I am not so sure that gold is the place to be.


On-going, awful, complex and with no solution likely to be found for many months yet. The EU’s next meeting is on March 6th as Mars makes geocentric entry into Sagittarius conjoining with Saturn in that same sign on August 24th. The refugee situation is likely to get worse and worse with battles for rights in late summer.

The role of the Sun in this is not to be underestimated.  Sunspot cycle 24 should reach minimum in approximately 4 years. Sunspot Cycle 25 may yet be the ‘quietest’ of our lifetimes. With these developments in solar output and related terrestrial weather disturbance it is probable that many will move in the hope of avoiding droughts etc. I doubt that there is end in sight to the displacement of peoples for some years yet.


Months of this yet to go. As I see it, I doubt that Hilary Clinton will be the first female president. For me her chart is full of disappointment and unrealised dreams though I would agree that some of the Saturn transits she faces could also bring responsibility. Even so, for an out and out win one would look for excess and joy – and I can’t see that.

For now, newsfeeds suggests that Donald Trump is unstoppable. I still don’t rule out the possibility of another hopeful entering the race. Mr Trump’s chart around the time of the Inauguration of the next President on January 20th, 2017 certainly contains excess responsibility and issues of power. Significantly, there is also one of the aspects often present when an individual experiences a cash flow crisis.

I intend to do close study of the charts involved over the summer months ahead of making my contribution to the forecasting team at the ISAR event in Costa Mesa in October. By then we will know exactly who the candidates are.


The next New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse: on March 9th which traders might recall marked the start of an upturn in world markets back in 2009 following a bruising period. Anniversary dates often carry with them similar sentiment. Certainly it would make sense if markets turned on this date and then rose into the Jupiter-Pluto trine on March 16th.

As mentioned, the more troubling period comes a week later and in the days leading into the next Full Moon (March 23rd). This could be an extremely treacherous period.


I am back at my desk after the most out-of-the-world trip to both the Bahamas and Florida where I spent time with some very fine astrologers: a truly enriching time. I also met with my publisher and had some publicity photos taken alongside Priscilla Costello whose book, ‘Shakespeare and the Stars’ is now out and is WONDERFUL. (You can see an example of her writing on where her article on Gemini and Romeo and Juliet is a brilliant read.

As I am leaving for another writing break on March 17th (St Patrick’s Day!), I plan to give the next webinar on Sunday March 13th. If you would like to attend, the cost is £36 and can be booked and paid for through PayPal via

For now,

Yours from the Stars


January 25th 2016

Dear Fellow Stargazers,
Happy Full Moon (Sunday, 24th) and a belated Happy New Year!
Am sending this early as there have been so many requests for updates re the markets – together with calls from clients who have clearly found this cosmic weather tough to negotiate and are seeking reassurance that these times won’t last. I suspect that the change of pace has begun. Alongside other factors, Mercury turns direct early next week: hopefully a positive sign for those who need such a signal.
As forecast in my December letter, 2016 hasn’t got off to a good start as far as the markets are concerned. In that letter I stated that ‘If history repeats, then we should expect a downturn during the first full week of trading in January and for this decline to last until at least 22nd – and possibly, if there is an exact repeat, through to mid-February’.
Writing today (22nd), it seems that the markets have turned. There is even talk of recovery from recent falls. This could be attributable to the approaching Full Moon – but is as likely to be linked to Jupiter’s alignment with the lunar node (using one method, this is exact tomorrow, 23rd).
As good as this news may be for many, I doubt that we have seen the last of recent volatility. True, the Jupiter-Node formation is around for some days and markets could enjoy further upward trajectory before the end of January. I not convinced that this will last into February however.
The first days of February could prove problematic and not just in the market-place: there may be evidence of human nature at its very worst through acts of terror.
It is also possible that echoes of last August’s devaluation of the Chinese currency will be heard and that forex departments will be super-busy in early February. Anticipate strong moves – particularly in Euro trading.
It is, of course, always possible that there will be a turn-around as regards equities after Mercury stations early next week (26th). Whether the next turn is on 26th or 29th, it looks as though it will be the third week of February before markets enjoy respite from volatility.
(Looking ahead, I have concerns about the early days of March which could again see negative trading.)
The oil price has, of course, dominated new bulletins. Strong moves overnight – significantly with the Sun now in Aquarius – have been contributory factors to today’s market rise. Oil price increase though is unlikely to last and further falls could come in February. I don’t foresee a substantial change of direction in this markets for several months – perhaps not before September.
Astrologers will note that Neptune does not leave Pisces until almost half-way through the next decade. It is probable though that demand for oil will increase through 2018-19 which should then see the price move decidedly upward.
There is one thing that I would like to draw your attention to:
For the next few years as the Sun or any planet passes across the first degree of this sign we may see similarly marked movement. The next date to look for is February 14th-15th when Mercury – in direct motion – reaches this degree. In 2020, the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place – and at 0 Aquarius. It may be that the cosmos is dropping clues and that this conjunction will mark fast-paced development in certain sectors. More on this in coming talks and workshops.
I will be talking about this at the coming SFAA meeting in Ft Lauderdale, Florida on the evening of Friday February 5th and offering a one day workshop on Saturday 6th February. Details can be found at
On the Friday evening I will be looking at 2016 through 2020 and on Saturday offering ‘A Day with the Moon’.
Back in London, I will deliver another talk about 2016-2020 for the Astrological Lodge of London on Monday February 15th: again looking at charts featuring this degree.
After that its back to working on the Beginner’s Guide to Financial Astrology (an off-shoot of the recently finished book whose cover design was agreed yesterday – very exciting) which it is hoped will be launched in February 2017.
Looking forward to seeing some of you in the US and in London before the next Full Moon!
For now, with every good wish
Yours from the Stars

August 29th 2015

Dear Fellow Star-Gazers,
Happy Full Moon!
Last month I explained that just ahead of August’s Full Moon, the Sun and Jupiter would make their first conjunction in Virgo since 2004. Then, the conjunction was at 29 degrees of that sign. To find the last conjunction at 3 Virgo (as in 2015), we had to look back many years: to August 1932. There are, of course, many differences between the charts for August 26th 1932 and that of August 26th this year. Yet there are also links: in particular, Neptune will be almost exactly 180 degrees from the earlier position. From July 11th 1932 the DJI rose sharply, declining after September 7th and continuing to slide for some months.
I went on to say that we could yet see a similar picture in 2015 and that this September could yet prove treacherous market-wise. I am revising those thoughts – but not by much! I still think September could be extremely difficult but think now that we should see recovery – at least in the US – in October.  The 1932 pattern may well play out in Asian markets.
I thought too that in August – and especially around 11th, that there would be currency volatility, Having studied this more closely, I would like to suggest that those who work with Forex could ‘red ring’ early February next year when markets may again be rocked by a devaluation.
In the short-term, and though sterling has fallen against the Euro, the Euro could fall against a basket of currencies as Saturn transits the position held by Chiron (August through early September) at its launch in 1999 before stabilising mid-month.  For different reasons I think sterling could take a battering against the dollar from September 26th.
September is packed with significant planetary activity in turn suggesting an exceedingly volatile month in many markets. Key dates are likely to be Monday 8th – just after Venus stations when I expect volume to be high.
Then we have the solar eclipse on Sunday 13th marking the beginning of a two week period (until the lunar eclipse on 28th) when particular market disruption is probable. Key dates too are likely to be Thursday 17th, Friday 18th and Monday 21st. Yes, it is possible that if markets experience sharp falls on Friday 18th that they could then rebound on Monday 21st. It is likely that the banking sector will be particularly affected. I am also looking for significant activity in the bond markets that could give rise to growing concern about debt levels.
The chart for the September Equinox is not a ‘bad’ one containing several apparently positive aspects and yes, it is possible that the coming quarter will not be as bad as some fear. Taking into account the nodal cycle, US markets – as suggested above  - could buck any negative trend.
Even so, it is unlikely that even these markets will be unscathed at the lunar eclipse on Monday 28th. This particular Blood Moon is the last of a series. With the earlier ones each correlating with appalling devastation in the Middle East, it is to be hoped that a forecast of more mayhem will be proved incorrect.
As Saturn leaves Scorpio pressure on mining stocks should begin to ease. Though gold could yet lose a little more, I think its base line position will soon be reached and that tentative moves upward will begin in October.
It’s perhaps also worth mentioning that I feel silver prices will soon make gains. As the lunar node crosses into Virgo, manufacturing should move forward with the demand for this metal increasing in 2016.
From my reading of planetary pictures I think that the call for interest rates to rise will increase in late October and could be implanted the following month. Research is still in progress. I will say more about this in the Equinox webinar on Sunday 20thSeptember (the closest Sunday: the actual equinox being on 23rd).
You can reserve a place through the contact form on
I am happy to report that the next six-week finance course will begin on Sunday September 27th. Full details are on the website. Those who have already expressed interest haven’t been forgotten and will be sent a separate email.
The book is now being edited! Now there’s a sentence I wasn’t sure I would ever write. Focus now is on an accompanying work-book but that shouldn’t pose any of the challenges of writing these last chapters.
I remain hopeful that by early October I will have room for extra clients.
For now,
Wishing you all good health, good friendships love and the bonus of prosperity.
Yours from the stars

JULY 31ST 2015

Dear Fellow Star-Gazers,

Happy Full Moon!

We are now just two Full Moons away from the last in a series of Blood Moons: a lunar eclipse on September 28th and already there are signals that all might not be well in the global financial scene. Though recent falls in markets in the Far East have not replicated in the West, and the crisis in Greece is no longer prominent in news bulletins, from the planetary perspective, difficulties are far from over.

Early next week Jupiter and Saturn form an apparent right-angle across from Leo to Scorpio. With both retrograde Venus and Pluto part of a planetary picture with these two planets, financial matters seem sure to return to the headlines. A strong possibility is news of a banking collapse or that a country (not necessarily Greece) is unable to make a loan repayment. True, as Saturn and Pluto are still in mutual reception (until mid-September) efforts to stabilise the situation could be temporarily effective. Once Saturn changes signs mid-September, the situation could be very different (more of that next time)

Later in August: in fact just ahead of the next Full Moon on 29th, the Sun and Jupiter make their first conjunction in Virgo since 2004. Then, the conjunction was at 29 degrees of that sign. To find the last conjunction at 3 Virgo (as in 2015), we have to look back many years: to August 1932. There are, of course, many differences between the charts for August 26th 1932 and that of August 26th this year. Yet there are also links: in particular, Neptune will be almost exactly 180 degrees from the earlier position.

From July 11th 1932 the DJI rose sharply, declining after September 7th and continuing to slide for some months. We could yet see a similar picture in 2015. Please bear in mind that this September could yet prove treacherous market-wise.

At this Full Moon, Jupiter is still in Leo, moving geocentrically to Virgo on August 11th. Those born under Virgo might already sense drama pending. Jupiter rarely brings just one thing to think about. My own preference is to suggest to clients that they need to take on the role of Air Traffic Controllers: bringing ideas and opportunities to land safely whilst under a Jupiter transit. This year I am tempted to offer that advice to all signs as the pace of change could be fast. Maintaining an eye on schedules and details will surely be wise.

Note that markets simply reflect human sentiment and that if there is quick escalation in prices in August, then correction is likely – most probably around Mercury’s station mid-September. If you’re not playing the markets, then perhaps the hot tip is to be careful not to over-spend in August only to have to deal with a financial hang-over from September.

Currencies too are likely to be affected as first Mercury (7th), then Mars (9th) and finally Jupiter (11th) change signs. In the past, accented activity in the sign of Virgo has seen sterling experience volatility. For now, in comparison with the Euro, it seems set to hold strength – at least until Saturn changes signs in September. The outlook for the Euro as Saturn transits the position held by Chiron (August through early September) at its launch in 1999, looks bleak. Of course there is far more to it than that –which I will cover in a webinar. This is just a brief overview.

I am sorry that it was necessary to postpone the summer webinars – but it was, I think, in a good cause! I have crossed the 80% mark of the book and should finish by end August so that the first webinars can then go ahead. Not so good has been the in-depth look I have been giving to 2019 – 2023 which, if cycles repeat, could yet prove a torrid time across the world.

Am now looking forward to completing the final chapter where , so far, it appears there is light at the end of the tunnel. For the next couple of weeks I am taking a break from client calls whilst I conclude this work. I will be in touch with those of you who have expressed interest in classes and consultations mid-August.

For now,

Wishing you all good health, good friendships love and the bonus of prosperity.

Yours from the stars


July 2 2015

Dear Fellow Star-Gazers,

Happy Full Moon.

This Full Moon is precisely at the degree held by the Sun at the launch of the Euro in 1999. This, together with the fact that the recent Uranus Pluto square was exactly with the angles of that chart as set for Athens, makes clear the link between planet cycles and human behaviour!

As we now know, the Greeks are set to hold a referendum on Sunday, July 5th – with the Moon at perigee (closest to Earth). Just as with the Full Moon, emotions are likely to run high.  By the time the polls close, the Sun will be almost exactly opposite Pluto and in hard aspect to Saturn (for the astrologers, the Sun is on the Saturn/Pluto) midpoint. The planetary signals for crunch time are clear.

The Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras was born under the Sun-sign of Leo but with Mercury (planet of commerce and dealing) in Cancer at 15 degrees of that sign – exactly tuning into the revolutionary, rebellious cosmic notes indicated by the recent Uranus-Pluto square. We could view Mr Tsipras as a ‘cosmic spokesman’ for the need to revamp the Euro. Yet the chart for the Euro itself has been under pressure for some years and is likely to stay that way until the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2020.

There are various charts in use for Greece and fascinating to note that the most recent chart follows the collapse of the military dictatorship just four days before the present Prime Minister was born. The two charts have many similarities though crucially, Mr Tsipras has the Moon in Scorpio whereas the country has a Libra Moon – albeit conjunct Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto. The Moon’s node is presently passing across this conjunction just as the country is experiencing its first Uranus opposition – suggesting that this indeed a defining moment for the Greek people and that they will need to do things their way. That this will be hard is indicated by Saturn’s station to natal Mars this summer.

Comparison of the chart for the Euro with Greece shows a conjunction between Mars (Euro) and Vesta (Greece). This configuration, at 18 Libra, is affected by the continuing presence of Uranus and Pluto in similar degrees of the Cardinal signs. Pluto does not finish with 18 degrees of Capricorn for some months yet – so this fight could go on.

It is hard (for me anyway) to imagine Mr Tsipras losing power – at least not this summer though by the end of the year he might wish he had done so! It is, of course, a statement of the obvious to say that difficult times are ahead. The quagmire that a new currency or that renegotiated debt would bring will surely be considerable.

So, can there be a return to the drachma? On 28 February 2002, the drachma ceased to be legal currency and Greece moved to Euro notes and coinage. With Neptune now moving over the Sun’s position in this chart, it may be that the drachma awakes as if from a dream to enter a new ‘fantasy land’ with its value questionable.

The Greeks go to the polls with the Moon in Fixed sign Aquarius where it forms a square to Saturn. The language of this aspect suggests a ‘No’ vote though with the Moon moving on into Pisces before the polls close, the final outcome could be very close. Mrs Merkel, the German Chancellor has made clear that there can be no more discussion until the outcome of the referendum is known. The Last Quarter Moon (8th) is at 16 degrees Aries – echoing the earlier Uranus-Pluto square. This affirms the idea of a line being drawn – and yet. It may be that further efforts to keep Greece within the Eurozone will continue at least through next week. The next red letter dates are 13th to 16th which will surely offer Forex traders a roller-coaster ride.

These dates mid-July are likely to prove dramatic in other ways also. If history repeats, then there may yet be more terrorist outrages.

At this Full Moon both Mars and the asteroid, Ceres, are at maximum declination. Though Ceres stays in out-of-bound position, Mars comes back within bounds before the next Full Moon on July 31st. As might be expected, Mars at this extreme declination promises a wild ride for the next few weeks. Stability seems unlikely until July 20th.

Before the next Full Moon both Venus and Uranus arrive at stations (25th and 26th respectively). Venus will be retrograde through to early September. Research suggests that retrograde Venus periods are neither good for starting businesses or for markets. As these planetary stations coincide with Mars at right angles to Uranus, it may be a surprise event that results in a major market turning point on Friday July 24th.

As always, it will be interesting to see what takes place.

Just two more things: firstly a recording of the summer solstice webinar covering the next three months is available via the website. Secondly, if you are interested in any of the monthly webinars, please email me through the contact form at

I don’t want this letter to be an advertisement but if you are interested in these on-line events, then please let me know and I will put you on to a separate list that receives occasional announcements.

For now, wishing you safety in all you do

Yours from the stars


April 4th 2015
Dear Fellow Star-Gazers,
Happy Full Moon!
This Full Moon is a lunar eclipse and also a Blood Moon. It takes place across 14 Aries-Libra and with Uranus at 16 Aries and Pluto at 15 Capricorn, accentuates that cycle.
Since 2010 when these two planets arrived at their First Quarter phase, astrologers have been unsurprised by the political and social upheaval that has ensued – though events that also contain the ‘planetary signature’ of terrorism, upheaval and chaos have left is dismayed and appalled too.
I can’t know whether the scientists in Switzerland are monitoring the solar system and Earth’s position within it, but it is quite extraordinary that this morning there is the co-incidental announcement that the Hadron Collider will be switched back on this weekend. The results could be earth-shattering:  though I hope that’s not literal. This could be the start of a ginormous scientific breakthrough.
In the past, these Blood Moon sequences have coincided with major unrest and blood-shedding in the Middle East. Daily news bulletins suggest that history is repeating. There is one more Blood Moon left in the present sequence (late September). Any escalation in violence around that time may be linked to decisions taken in the coming week. We ought, perhaps, to be suspicious of agreements that sound too good to be true (especially on April 8th). These could collapse in May. This may well include the Iran nuclear agreement announced in the last few days. Already there is disquiet which could, even by as early as mid-May, result in more war-talk.
As set out in the last newsletter, the days leading into the March Equinox were full of significant planetary turning points – including a solar eclipse. I gave a Code Red signal for some of the March dates. Dramas did indeed play out in many areas of the world.
It is noteworthy that where events take place around eclipses, these are often seared into consciousness and experienced by a global audience. It would appear that when eclipses coincide with key phase in the Uranus-Pluto cycle, then devastating and even unthinkable events take place. The atrocities in both Kenya, Somalia and the French Alps head the list.
These though were man-made disasters. It may be that this lunar eclipse brings with it a weather pattern that brings havoc of a different kind. California’s long-term drought is now of major concern. This weekend though we could hear of weather patterns building in the S.E.Asia and New Zealand areas that bring other forms of devastation.
Though the last of the apparent right-angles between Uranus and Pluto have now taken place, echoes are likely to be heard for some time. I hope that there will be no further terror attacks this weekend or early next week but note that ‘echoing dates’ include next Wednesday, April 8th .
The DJI, FTSE and S&P have lost value since the March eclipse though, as anticipated, each has attempted some recovery. This lunar eclipse – which might ordinarily have been expected to coincide with further fall, takes place at a weekend when markets are closed. Even so there could still be marked and negative reaction next week – most likely centred on Thursday 9th.
Analysis of the first quarter of 2015 shows that global indices have generally enjoyed a rise – though the degree has been variable with Italy, Germany and China leading the way. I am not sure that the same will be true of this new quarter. Mercury makes slow passage through Gemini (one of the key trading signs of the zodiac). As it does, it forms oppositions to Saturn and close to an area of the zodiac associated with air travel. These stocks could be seriously afflicted in the days leading into the next Full Moon on May 4th.
If you read my book ‘The Financial Universe’, then you will know that I have always felt that water would be a prized commodity. With drought affecting parts of the state, Californian farmers are now selling water to that state rather than use it for their crops. This must, inevitably, lead to food price rises – something I think will be a feature of the next few years. In the very short-term, Friday April 10th could see a turning point in commodity prices.
And then there is gold. I feel sure that prices here will soon be on the move once more. Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th looks to be an important period – with silver prices also affected.
A week or so later, and soon after the Sun moves into Taurus, Mercury and Mars align in that sign (April 22nd). This could be another key date for mining stocks and precious metals.
This could be an important week in other ways. Those born under the Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius could be affected most obviously – drawing events and discussions that demand they show just how determined, persistent and focused they can be. If you are born under any of the other signs, you might do well to stand clear!
I am now back at my desk after a productive writing break in Cyprus. Though we saw the beautiful sanctuaries of both Apollon and Aphrodite, there was still time to review the financial course and make some adjustments to it. I think it suits most people for the course to run at weekends – usually Sundays. With my client work and travel commitments, finding a series of Sundays when I can guarantee to be here to teach is proving impossible.  I would like to suggest different schedule.  If you are interested, would you be kind enough to give me your thoughts on slightly longer classes (90 minutes) that take place once a month? We could get the first of these underway on Sunday April 26th.
The day before, Saturday April 25th, I will be giving an hour presentation on a Beginner’s Guide to Financial Astrology as part of a one-day financial on-line conference. You can find out more at
Otherwise it’s back to writing and client work!
For now, wishing you a very Happy holiday weekend and hoping that this special Full Moon brings no trouble to your door.
Yours from the stars

Dear Fellow Star-Gazers

Happy Full Moon!

Code Red:

As you may well have read elsewhere, March brings the last of a series of aspects which, as expected by astrologers, has coincided with significant political, social and economic upheaval. Though the last of these aspects takes place on March 17th, echoes will surely be heard for some time.

The fact that the last aspect occurs within days of a solar eclipse (19th) and the Equinox (20th)  and that on 17th, Venus changes sign whilst on 18th, Mercury and Neptune align, and, on Saturday 21st, there is a Mars occultation: all of which points to a very important week. In the past, such concentrated activity has coincided with strong market movement.

On March 19th, the Moon is also at perigee (closest to Earth). Of course it’s possible that this clustering of activity will have extra-ordinary effect on weather patterns or on the Earth’s crust – so natural disaster must be considered. This might not occur on cue: it could take some days for pressure to build. The danger period is between the solar eclipse (19th) and the lunar eclipse on April 4th.

The last pair of eclipses in October 2014 brought significant market drama. The Dow Jones index fell over 1000 points between the two events. The forthcoming eclipses could bring similar shocks and surprises . The question, as always, is the exact timing. The days leading into the solar eclipse on March 19th should be considered ‘Code Red’ though both today and tomorrow (March 6th) are also likely to bring significant activity.

Post the Equinox (20th), other aspects suggest recovery and, perhaps, new heights. The run into early April looks promising.

It’s then though that things could come unstuck yet again. I’ll write more about this in the next newsletter but essentially, I think April 8th- 11th could be yet another Code Red period – this time with focus on commodity prices.

War: The April 4th lunar eclipse is termed a Blood Moon – one of a series that concludes in September. This series is noted for coincidence with wars in the Middle East. Whilst every day seems to bring news of atrocities, unprecedented actions could yet take place bringing further shocks and surprises and underlining the need for peace talks and increased humanitarian assistance.

Forex: As many of you know, I have a fascination with currency exchange. Intra-day moves here often resonate with planet alignments. This last week I have been looking closely at the Euro whose fortunes are likely to change. For me, this is unlikely before the Sun’s move into Taurus on April 20th. This could be a significant date for the Canadian Dollar – I will cover this more in the next newsletter.

Graphene: Investment-wise I am still focused on Water – its supply and quality. To that end I am interested in graphene which can be used to desalinate seawater making it drinkable. Companies working with this substance could see fast growth.

Fashion: London Fashion week is just behind us. It’s been interesting to see how some astro-driven ideas have resulted in new fabrics on the cat walk. This weekend I will be developing ideas for probable trends Autumn/Winter of 2016-17. This is the fun side of astro-forecasting! By then Jupiter will be moving through Libra whilst Pluto continues its stately move through Capricorn and Saturn arrives at the Galactic Centre. Just how garments communicate messages will surely be a very big theme.

Research Africa and coincidence?!

Several clients all asked for work on investment areas covering the African continent. So rich is the material here – and so much work required, that I couldn’t see a way of delivering helpful reports without at least a year of research. The cosmos as always, had a plan.

Following my recent (and wonderful) lecturing trip in Florida, I met a wonderful ‘fount of knowledge’ from Ghana who sent me a copy of one his dissertations. This, together with hints from clients, has narrowed the focus for research. Hopefully I’ll be able to offer a few comments about this in the May newsletter.

The trip to Florida was indeed amazing: from experiencing the Full Moon at sunset/moon rise at the top of the Jupiter lighthouse to an amazing trip out on the bay, it really was the trip of a life-time. Thank you again to all who made it so, so memorable.

For now, wishing you all a Happy Full Moon,

Yours from the stars


February 3rd 2015

Dear Fellow Star Gazers,

Happy Full Moon!

You may recall that I sent the last letter out a little early as I thought that Monday January 5th could prove a tricky day for equities – as indeed was the case. Given linked planetary pictures, this does not augur well for the rest of the year – particularly around the lunar eclipses of early April and late September: though true, these will surely offer buying opportunities.
Several years ago (and following the financial horrors of 2008), the two planets Uranus and Pluto have been at apparent right-angles to one another. This aspect will appear ‘exact’ once more mid-March and then will not be seen again in our lifetimes.
It is of no surprise to astrologers that this period has been one of extreme unrest at social, economic and political levels: study of this cycle shows that at similar phases, mankind tends to respond with the experience of havoc, chaos and revolution.
None should have been surprised by the results at the recent Greek election. The most recent chart for Greece was particularly affected by the Uranus-Pluto square. So too though are many other countries and the chart for the Euro itself. The Euro could experience a very tricky 2015 but respond rather better to planetary pictures in 4 years’ time.
I note that EU leaders are due to hold a significant conference on February 12th. Ephemeris watchers will know that this is within hours of a direct Mercury station. It also happens to be a Last Quarter Moon in the Fixed sign of Scorpio. It seems unlikely that there will be agreement that Greek debt can be re-negotiated to that new government’s satisfaction,  and more likely that the voices demanding austerity  will dominate.
Soon though it will be the turn of Saturn and Neptune to dictate the pulse. This is a faster moving cycle. During the 20th Century, the phases of this cycle coincided with quickening pace in socialist movements. Anticipate a crescendo of this mood toward the end of the year. Inflexibility between now and late March would surely fuel this.
On March 19th – and just hours ahead of the Equinox, there is a solar eclipse. Over Thursday 19th and Friday 20th February, first Mars and then Venus move across these degrees. It is probable – and particularly since the Sun makes its entry into Pisces on 18th with a New Moon in that sign – that these few days will prove exceedingly difficult for traders. It may be that it is over this period that news of potential default is headline news. Problems over these two days are likely to escalate in March.
Even so, markets may be headed – after Monday February 23rd, toward relative highs in early March, – though they could recover these positions after the lunar eclipse in April.
Client-wise, attention over the last few weeks has been given to those with planets in the early degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). Saturn’s arrival in Sagittarius on December 24thwas certainly felt by some! Roles and working patterns have altered and new opportunities sought. Though many are used to the idea of Saturn bringing limitations and burdens, it is also true that it brings the gift of focus and stream-lining. Notwithstanding some health challenges, it is noticeable that these clients are developing business plans requiring understanding of the changing role of administration – especially where governments are concerned. Working within developing boundaries and the challenge of determining which way political winds are blowing is a strong theme.
Another big theme concerns property – both in the UK and elsewhere. Clearly valuations play their part. As loudly heard though has been the requirement to find the optimum place to live should health deteriorate. The song of age and ageing has played very loudly indeed.
Under these conditions it is a challenge to live in the moment and to enjoy being alive – something that always seems harder to do when Jupiter is in its retrograde phase (comes to an end of April 9th). Yet within this period that planet forms a trine (third of a circle) aspect to Uranus in early March.
Not only do I think that markets could experience a rebound around this time, but it is also quite possible that some people will feel that ‘cosmic mission papers’ have arrived and that at last they have a sense of both who they are and where they are going. True, this is followed by a few weeks of turbulence. This though could be thoughts of as time to gather the necessary equipment and gather intelligence before setting off on this adventure.
Those born under the Cardinal signs of Aries and Libra ought, perhaps, to take particular care not to set off unprepared.
For all signs though, the coming weeks seem to be about tuning in to fresh opportunities against the backdrop of chaotic change.
This letter is coming to you from Florida where I landed last night. On Thursday evening (5th) I will be speaking in Ft Lauderdale when I will consider trends for the coming years. Then, on Saturday, it’s a day of case studies and chart analysis. More information at
For now,
Wishing you peace and happy trading,
Yours from the stars
January 5th 2015

Dear Fellow Star Gazers,

Happy New Year!
And Happy Full Moon (tomorrow, Monday 5th)
I am sending this out a few hours early as I expect that tomorrow’s trading will be volatile –especially on Wall Street where trading will close with Chiron exact on the Midheaven. This particular planetary picture has coincided with days of sharp falls in the past. This particular Full Moon is closely configured with both Uranus and Pluto. Similar lunations have coincided with extreme volatility. True, the more troublesome Full Moon is the lunar eclipse on April 4th , but even this January one could provide a few headaches.
Of course oil will be a factor. The news here is not good. Saturn last transited Sagittarius between late 1985 and 1988. The early part of 1986 when Saturn opposed Chiron was particularly challenging. This aspect will not repeat though the two will be at apparent right-angle in 2016. The outlook for oil then is not promising. This is not the only commodity to be affected in the coming months. With Saturn and Neptune moving into a right angle formation, it’s likely that many prices will fall in the coming months – though I remain convinced that gold will yet yield excellent reward for those with the patience to hang on in there (possibly until 2017).
2015: How best though to describe the year ahead? It could yet be a ‘year of reckoning’. Recall that we are still in a period of Blood Moons. If the past repeats, then this year should see further blood shed in the Middle East with continuing destabilisation in many parts of the world. This may not be the only factor that gives rise to financial calamity. A series of cosmic alignments close to the March Equinox could result in considerable pressure being put on the Earth’s crust with probably natural disaster (dates to be concerned cover March 17th through to April 5th) It’s this as much as human behaviour that could give rise to major correction.
True, using the McWhirter cycle (which works very well with US prices), it’s likely to be early 2016 before a consistent downward trend in (US) equity prices is apparent. That said, there are some treacherous dates in 2015 – though yes, these could be regarded as buying opportunities. The first of these could occur as early as Tuesday of this week. As explained above, it is early April when markets could suffer greater falls – and late September when these could be even greater. The last few days of this month could prove highly treacherous with losses over 10% if not more.
JANUARY MARKETS: It is not at all abnormal for there to be a change of market pace (and often direction) as planets move from one sign to another. This method underscores the probability of January 5th(tomorrow) and Monday (12th) seeing above average movement. It is the days surrounding the Sun’s move into Aquarius (January 20th) that could prove particularly interesting however. From Monday 19th through Friday 23rd could see strong undercurrents at work with the middle of that week (Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd) particularly active – most probably as a result of oil price movement and political reaction. The last day of January could also bring sharp moves ahead of negative trending in the lead into the next Full Moon on February 3rd.
POLITICS: Whereas the last few years have been dominated by the apparent right-angle between Uranus and Pluto, as that aspect abates it is replaced by another: this time between Saturn and Neptune. Whereas the former has coincided with uprising, revolution and shock, the latter pair of planets are associated with a rise in socialism. By the end of 2015, those parties are likely to find a louder voice than at the start of the year.
Here in the UK, there will be an election in early May. Before then we should expect many surprises on the global political stage. Unless new players step into the arena between now and May (and with the last Uranus-Pluto square still to come in March, that’s always possible), then of the various leaders likely to be involved, it seems (for me anyway), that David Cameron will be Prime Minister at the end of May. But we shall see….
LOOKING AHEAD: The next letter will be sent from, I hope, the warmth of Florida sunshine. I will be speaking in Ft Lauderdale from 5th to 7th. The plan then is to run a one-day financial course in London on Saturday Feb 21st. Once again I will make full use of the excellent astro-module on Market-Analyst.
The next 6 week web-based course will run from late April. Please do email me for more details if you are interested.
Last but not least, the recording of the Solstice Webinar: a one hour long presentation covering 2015, is still available. The cost is £24. Again, simply email to arrange payment and access.
For now, wishing you a safe, healthy and prosperous 2015
Yours from the stars

Dear Fellow Star Gazers,

Happy Full Moon!
And snow-flake greetings from Toronto.
We are now just days away from another Uranus and Pluto event. The apparent right angle between them has formed several times since 2010 and coincided with revolutions in political and economic thinking and as revolutionary but sometimes ingenious developments in technologies.
It’s not over yet, and in the coming twelve weeks we should anticipate yet more drama. Across many stock markets we would experience short term falls in the days leading into the solstice on December 20th, another dip as the Sun changes signs on January 20th and more dramatic ones likely next April.
Over this last week, a planetary picture placed Saturn at the midpoint of Uranus and Pluto. Think of this as the cosmic headmaster arriving in the playground to separate two bullies. Pity Saturn. Coming to the end of its stay in Scorpio, it’s probably tired of the antics of these two and fed up with trying to keep economies afloat and in working order.
In preparing for talks this weekend in Toronto, I have been looking at the charts of Janet Yellen and of Barack Obama. The position of eclipses and the links they make to their charts – which may well reflect in their actions on the world stage – suggests they may have been involved in averting another global financial crisis in late October.  Perhaps Saturn’s position helped them buy time.
Yet Saturn is on the move and on December 24th makes its geocentric entry into Sagittarius putting to an end a period of mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto (where each planet is in a sign favoured by the other).  At this point it may no longer be possible to mask the very real difficulties that still exist in the banking world and, in particular, the world of Foreign exchange.
Hints of difficulties to come have been offered by both the fall in oil prices and in the value of the Russian Rouble. The next key dates for major incidents in both markets are at the end of December and in the opening days of 2015. This covers some of the holiday season which could be a mitigating factor. However, for those markets and traders at work, December 27thto January 1st may be a lively time. I will cover this in more depth in the solstice webinar (details below).
The next Full Moon is on Monday January 5th. Close of trade charts for that day suggest that the expertise of traders will be tested to the full. The year opens with an opposition of Mars to Jupiter. You could think of this as a tight-rope stretched across the sky. Tension will surely be palpable. This same combination suggests a need for strategy however. The start of the year may be an optimum period for meetings between finance ministers to find ways to deal with continuing financial instability.
Saturn has been moving through Scorpio since October 5th 2012 and since then gold has lost value. Saturn’s move into Sagittarius on December 24th suggests review. It may be that in the opening days of 2015 the price falls a little further – testing a resistance level. There may also be fears that governments will restrict its movement. This though may be all talk and little action – at least until March. Looking further ahead, I remain of the opinion that gold will hit the financial headlines between March and May 2017 when, amongst other things, Saturn aligns, geocentrically with the Galactic Centre.
Saturn’s move into Sagittarius might not seem to be ‘good’ news for those born under any of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces). Each of these signs may find that responsibilities – or, for some, promotion – are headed their way. True, they may also find that they are increasingly aware of their age (bones creaking, dental issues etc). Yet it’s also likely that they will find others look to them to act as guides, teachers and mentors – even if they’re not sure they have sufficient expertise.
From the present until March 30th 2015, when Saturn makes its heliocentric Sagittarius ingress, could be viewed as an overture: time enough for health checks and preparation for those added responsibilities. For all signs it might be wise to delay major changes and announcements until after this date. This is one instance where I am taking my own advice! I will be re-launching the Astro-Finance course in April when the cosmic weather improves!
The Solstice Webinar will go ahead on Sunday December 21st at 15.00 GMT. This webinar will cover the first quarter of 2015 in depth and an overview of the whole of 2015. The cost is £25 (inc VAT where applicable). If you would like to attend, or give this as a gift, please email me directly.
Wishing you all a very happy holiday season and good health in 2015 and advising that the best investment of all is in love, friends and family.
Yours from the stars

August 10th 2014

Dear Fellow Star Gazers,

Happy Super-Full Moon!

The Moon is at perigee this weekend and will appear even ‘fuller’ than it did last month which should be lovely for photographers but is perhaps also a reminder  that the cycle of Moon correlates with many of human kind’s responses – and not always in a good way.

In last month’s letter I suggested that the Sun Jupiter conjunction on July 24th might mark a market top and that fissures would show from Monday July 28th developing into fault lines by the August Full Moon. This is precisely what’s happened.

So, what will happen between this Full Moon and the next? – bearing in mind that the following Full Moon is a so-termed Blood Moon (October 8th) – which, as the name implies, might not prove a health period at many levels.

It’s hard to see what will arrest the present decline which could continue for at least another month. True, there could be some slight recovery in equities between August 12th and 19th. Thereafter the downward trend may well continue.

The significators at work on July 20th to 22nd suggested an extremely tense and potentially volatile period for the Middle East. This trend shows no signs of abating. The planetary trends for the end of August do not look at all good.

I usually try to avoid writing about war cycles: my thinking being that it is never good to give energy to thought. Yet it appears that once more mankind is responding to certain planetary themes as it has done in the past. This being the case, it is likely that the coming years will bring yet more horrors. The potential long-term nature of this could be brought home to all during the last weekend of August. I really need to be wrong about this – but it is possible that over these dates a chemical attack will have the world’s attention.

The other possibility is that between August 19th and 29th the numbers of people affected by the Ebola virus will have grown to alarming proportion. It may be that a way of treating those infected is found this coming week. Even so, treating those already affected and the logistics of getting effective treatment to where it is needed could mean that the last two weeks of August sees the outbreak continuing as headline news.

As of Tuesday (August 12th), Venus moves into Leo. Until Mercury changes signs next weekend, the accent is on Fixed signs of the zodiac (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all in Leo and Saturn at right angles to these in Scorpio). Those born this week will surely be highly creative individuals with a strong sense of purpose. At best they could be brilliant artists and musicians who are as gifted technically as they are inspired. At worst, this could see intransigence and increased warfare amongst the many who feel that their path is the only one.

As I write, the accent is on breaking blockades – entirely in keeping with this planetary combination. Determined military action is the order of the day.

Mars and Saturn conjoin in Scorpio on August 25th. Aside from this being a potential kick-started for those born under this sign (when they determine exactly what’s been holding them back and assess the energy needed to overcome an obstacle), it’s possible that mining companies will be in the headlines – and possibly not for good reason. That day is also a New Moon with the Moon at apogee (furthest from Earth). A possibility is that strong tidal movements will be experienced bringing flooding in certain mining areas as a result of Earth movement.

This also brings to mind the tunnels between Gaza and Israel. We may hear more about these that weekend.

The astro-geography for the August New Moon puts Mars and Saturn exactly overhead through Turkey and Syria. This ‘hard-hitting’ combination suggests a period of acute hardship for those in the mountainous regions who will surely require considerable humanitarian assistance. That help though is also visible with strong aspects involving Neptune at work.

Another interesting feature of the chart for this New Moon is the number of planets and planetary bodies at 16 or 17 degrees of a sign. Those with birthdays within a day of January 6th, February 5th, March 7th, April 6th, May 7th, June 7th, July 8th, August 9th, September 9th, October 9th, November 8th or December 8th could find this a highly eventful period. (As always, your feedback much appreciated).

Some high tech companies have these degree areas highlighted suggesting that these stocks will experience considerable volatility in the first week of September.

You may remember that I am preparing to give a workshop at the ISAR conference in Phoenix. ( In preparation, I have been looking at charts for gold, silver and other precious metals. My attention has been drawn to nickel which could do rather well in the coming months. With gold, I am hopeful that it will conclude the year just a touch short of $1400 and yes, for long-term, I still think it has some way to go.

Finally, a thank you to those of you who have kept me going with their interest in the new book. I was deflected by client work in July (busiest month ever as well as being enjoyable and fascinating) but am about to embark on a writing fortnight and hopeful that I will be on target for first draft conclusion before the Equinox.

For now, wishing you all sunshine and good health, –  and hoping that Jupiter in its role as protector keeps you and yours safe and well.

Yours from the stars


July 12th, 2014
Dear Fellow Star Gazers,

Happy Full Moon!

If you read last month’s Full Moon letter and the comment about the trapezium that formed on June 15th, then you’ll realise that I am going through a ‘planetary geometry’ phase. All this is part of research for the new book which, I am happy to say, is now passed the half-way point.

My attention is now turned to a triangle that forms between the Moon (in Aquarius), Venus (in Gemini) and Mars (in Libra) on Monday July 14th. Allowing a little margin, this is operational from about 16.00 to 20.00 GMT. With all three of the Air signs involved, those who tune into this frequency could be inspired by a cosmic melody that’s delightful for those on holiday and brings the potential for inspiration for those at work.

(If these hours prove eventful for you and you are happy to share what happened, I’d be delighted to hear from you).

As many of you will know, Jupiter changes signs annually. Its arrival in Leo on July 16th, is followed just 10 days later (26th and also a New Moon) by Mars’ move into, Scorpio. Mars has moved through Scorpio ten times in the last twenty years. The Dow Jones index has fallen on seven of those ingresses recovering after Mars reached the second decanate of that sign.

It does not have to be the case that the Sun-Jupiter conjunction on July 24th marks a ‘top’ – there are signals suggesting that the Dow Jones in particular could bubble away for some days afterward. However, I am expecting more fissures to show from Monday July 28th and for these to develop into fault lines by the August Full Moon. There have been hints of what’s to come in the last few days with worries as to the stability of one of Portugal’s banks shaking indices on both sides of the Atlantic.

Earlier this week I met with a technical analyst who showed me his work – corroborating my astro-findings. If we are both ‘right’ then markets could be seriously afflicted in the coming weeks.

Saturn is presently in mutual reception with Pluto. It may be that this partnership is holding markets higher than they ought to be (given that so many countries owe so, so much and that debt levels are not yet significantly reduced).

Continued horrors in the Middle East indicate that the peoples of that area are still employing ancient dance steps in response to present-day cosmic rhythms. The approaching Mars right-angle to Jupiter in Fixed signs (a war-like combination) does not bode well – though it would be wonderful to be wrong. Living through this turmoil must be a nightmare for the many innocents whose voices are drowned out. Escalating conflict will surely have impact on oil prices.  Particular volatility may be apparent around 20th and 21st July and again at the end of August.

The mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto seems to be impacting gold prices. Saturn changes signs at the end of the year but returns to Scorpio for some months next year. It may be that the price doesn’t really take off until its final arrival in Sagittarius in September 2015 (though I am hopeful of some lift in the last week of December this year)

I anticipate that there will be further escalation in its value when Uranus changes signs in 2018. It seems to me that lunar rhythms play a very strong role in precious metal prices. I intend to present my work (so far) on these at the conference in Phoenix.

This weekend the priority is preparation for next weekend’s (July 19th and 20th) workshops in Dublinwith my colleague Margaret Gray. We will be exploring Jupiter’s Leo transit, the astrology of relationships and the role of place: defining where the key partnerships in your life form. It has been a delight to look at unions that aren’t necessarily business-orientated and to prepare a workshop that focuses on the potential for ‘happy ever-afters’. There is still room if you would like to attend. Details on or email me directly).

As stated, Jupiter arrives in Leo on July 16th. In reviewing charts for my book, I created a spreadsheet of African countries with a seat at the United Nations (56). It was quite extraordinary to find that no fewer than 11 came into being as the Sun was moving through Leo. It will be interesting to see if these countries have increased profile in the coming months. All eyes may be on their riches. Disputes and power struggles across that vast continent could obliterate many promising and wholesome developments. Again, I would like to be wrong about the warring aspects.

Reading cosmic pictures is a never-ending education. With regard to last month’s trapezium, it is fascinating to note that this coincided with significant movement on the Dow Jones index that day. It does appear that significant configurations leave traders torn this way and that – resulting in increased volatility. Thoughts about 15th and 25th June proved fairly accurate too: with significant earth activity on both dates though thankfully no major loss of life.

For now, wishing you all sunshine and good health and hoping that the many blessings associated with Jupiter come your way.

Yours from the stars


APRIL 2014

Dear Fellow Star-Gazers,

Again I am sending this out early. Tuesday’s Full Moon is also a Lunar eclipse but, given that this is being mentioned in the media and that there is some concern as to whether there might be any correlation with life on planet Earth, I thought you might like to receive this a little ahead of the event.

Some of you may know that this Full Moon is also designated as a Blood Moon - one of a series of four lunar eclipses. Looking back in history, these blood moons sequences occurred in 162-163 C.E, 795-796, 842-843, 860-861, 1493-1494 and, more recently in 1949-1950 and 1967-1968 C.E.

The blood moons of 1949/50 and 1967/68 coincided with significant events in China: the Peoples’ Republic was declared in 1949 and 1967 covered the Cultural Revolution. It may be that 2014-15 proves another milestone in China’s history.

Correlations can also be found between these lunar eclipses and the history of the Middle East (particularly modern-day Israel) and it may well be that these next few weeks are of huge significance for that part of the world too. It ought also to be mentioned that 1493-4 saw the opening up of the Americas.

It seems likely then that the coming twelve months will prove an important period with regard to world history.

As mentioned in my last letter, a Grand Cross is forming in the sky (becoming exact geocentrically on 22/23 April). This Grand Cross is formed by Jupiter opposite Pluto and both at right angles to Uranus at one side of the zodiac and Mars at the other. Coinciding with the lunar eclipse, Mercury and Uranus conjoin. If the Grand Cross is a reflection of nations at war, then it may be that small spark -a minor event – occurs on Tuesday that leads to a major event before the end of the month.

It is, perhaps, all too easy to see the potential for market sentiment to turn negative with this planetary formation. I still find it surprising that equities have risen as far as they have against the back-drop of the right angle between Uranus and Pluto and am curious to see what will happen later this month (April 22nd/23rd) when Mars accents this angle.

The present phase of the nodal cycle – particularly with regard to US markets is still positive and I suppose, it is possible that equities couldcontinue to rise – with, of course, some negative days – through to late June. (Traders please note that I am particularly bearish about June 25th-26th.) On the day of the lunar eclipse itself, that Mercury-Uranus combination could see markets hit new highs. Certainly it seems likely that there will be marked reaction that day.

As with last month’s letter, I will also reiterate the likelihood of this planetary formation putting pressure on the Earth’s crust resulting in natural disaster. Since three of the planets involved are very slow moving and have been pulling into this formation for some weeks, it is perhaps not so surprising that there has already been significant earthquake and volcanic activity. More could be on the way – especially around the Last Quarter Moon on April 22nd when the alignment is at its most exact and when the Moon is at perigee. It is always possible that a natural catastrophe could have singular effect on markets.

It is quite possible that the coming solar eclipse on April 29th – in Taurus, the sign of the bull – will usher an uptrend that lasts until May 2nd, reviving again the following week before hitting temporary buffers again on May 8th/9th and lower levels again around the Full Moon of May 14th. Earlier this year I formed the opinion that May 6th would be a significant date for gold. That would figure if indeed markets are in decline in May.

In recent weeks I have been working hard on the new book. The present chapter focuses on those periods since 1900 when markets have lost over 40%. Though every stock market crash has a different cosmic signature, there are some shared elements. One that is most striking suggests to me that the period 2017-2018 will be hard to negotiate. It’s during this period that I anticipate that gold’s value will really soar.

Though I have been attempting to put in a couple of hours research and writing each day, this last week has been extremely busy client-wise. There were no calls from those born under Taurus but every other sign was accounted for – with particular emphasis on those born under the Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces all of whom seem to be testing their multi-tasking talents to the full. This coming week it seems those born under fiery Aries, Leo and Sagittarius monopolise: so interesting how the emphasis changes and evolves.

I find this analysis of sun-sign activity a useful exercise and a reminder of the importance of actual solar activity. As you may know, solar activity has been unusual to say the least in recent times. This is worrisome at many levels – particularly in that I am sure crops will be affected by deviance in ‘usual’ weather patterns and that as a consequence, food prices are likely to rise greatly. (Perhaps my ‘missing’ Taurus clients are busy planting and preparing to grow their own food!

Tomorrow – and ahead of the lunar eclipse – I intend to focus on the next series of astro-finance workshops due to start on Sunday May 4th. This course will run at 17.00 GMT (10.00 PST and 13.00 EST). The cost to those outside the Eurozone stays the same at £395 but within the Eurozone will now have VAT added. The course will be offered again in October at 08.00 GMT to suit Australasia students.

As with the first course, those who do not have market software will be offered access to the Market Analyst Astro-software for the duration of the course. The hot-off-the-press news here is that the updated version takes into account some of the features we requested following the first course. You can find out more about this superb programme at or

A non-internet, face-to-face version of my astro-finance course to be given over a weekend is now in preparation.  This will take place in the Fort Lauderdale area and will be announced on the website when the dates are agreed. If you are more interested in this rather than the Internet version, please let me know.

Aside from that, I am looking forward to seeing some of you at the ISAR conference in Phoenix in September and in Toronto in early December.

Do please keep in touch,

As always, hoping you are investing foremost in health, family and friendships and that your investing goes well.

Yours from the stars


March 16th, 2014

Dear Fellow Star-Gazers,

I know that the Full Moon isn’t until tomorrow (Sunday, March 16th) but, as you’ll see below, I thought it might be a good idea to send this out early*.

The next Full Moon  is also a lunar eclipse: part of a large and rare planetary configuration on April 15th. History shows that such celestial phenomenon often coincides with events on Earth that take on historic significance. At one level this could be about natural disaster with the Earth’s crust affected by the pull of the planets, at another, it could be that raw emotions come to the surface and that as a result, people take action that leaves long-lasting legacy.

Even now events in the Ukraine, Venezuela and now with the missing plane in South East Asia indicate that the slow-moving planets involved in this now-yet-quite-exact pattern are coinciding with powerful and rare events here on Earth. Each of these situations is still developing. We should perhaps be prepared for many shocks and surprises in the lead into the April lunar eclipse and in the days following.

That, of course, is for next month’s letter. It’s perhaps as well though for me to highlight this possibility now and to alert you to one part of this planetary formation that could bring markets to a high from which they then fall.

The Mars-Uranus cycle is often termed the ‘crash’ cycle. It is not abnormal for markets to peak at this aspect and then to decline. This year the aspect takes place more than once – on April 23rd and again in July. Both occasions could bring market tops. I’ll say more about this in Sunday’s webinar (see below). Yes, this date is after the lunar eclipse and ahead of the solar eclipse (April 29th) but these ‘eclipse window periods’ often coincide with extra-ordinary events.

Between the March and April Full Moons there is, of course, the March Equinox, one of the four most powerful days of our Earth year. This year that event coincides with the lunar node moving from Scorpio to Libra (not exact but close enough). The nodes change signs every eighteen months or so and, from the commercial perspective, coincide with a shift in attention from one sector to another.

In the USA the nodal cycle fits neatly with the business cycle and is indicative of a general upward trend. The UK business cycle is a little different but even here there should be further signs of growth following the long period where austerity has been the key word.

The north lunar node has moved from Scorpio into Libra. It’s probable that small enterprises seeded whilst the node was in Scorpio will now push through the ground seeking Air (Libra) and yes, I am hopeful that some will grow steadily and quickly. In particular I am looking at technical advances in the world of fashion and media. 3D printing has come into being as both Chiron and Neptune move through Pisces. Add to this the node in Libra and this exciting concept could advance greatly in the next eighteen months.

That said, all this needs to be seen against the backdrop of Pluto’s stately journey through Capricorn where it has yet to reach the half-way point. You may remember that Pluto’s entry into this sign coincided with global financial drama. The point to make here is that the sovereign debt part of this problem is still far from resolved.

The present septile between Neptune and Pluto seems to have inspired many to find ways around the issue (print more money) but still the underlying issue will at some point need to be addressed. This may not be for a couple of years yet, but we should all be prepared for further global drama before this decade concludes.

In terms of market action in the coming weeks, the key dates would seem to be April 1st and 2nd and 7th and 8th ahead of tension around the lunar eclipse over 15th and 16th. Technical analysts may find these dates interesting.

*I will go through this and more in tomorrow’s (Sunday’s) webinar (15.00 GMT, 16.00 BST). This is my regular Equinox seminar. It lasts about an hour and the cost is £20. If you want to attend, please just email me and I will send a PayPal invoice and the Webex link. As with earlier webinars this one will cover the next three months pinpointing trends and key dates.

A re-run of the first six-week astro-finance course will commence on Sunday May 4th. I have expanded the Webex space to take a few more students: more details on the

As some of you know, I have just returned from an absolutely wonderful trip to Florida. There was considerable interest in the course from that region and I am now working on a plan to offer the course in person over a weekend. Again, please let me know if this would appeal to you.

Last but not least: yesterday I met with a friend from Toronto. We are working on a plan for me to give workshops there later this year – all very exciting. Before then I am speaking at the ISAR conference in Phoenix in September. You can find details and schedule at

As always, hoping you are investing foremost in health, family and friendships and that your financial investing goes well.

Yours from the stars


January 2014

Dear Fellow Star-Gazers,

Happy New Year and Happy Cancer Full Moon!

Hope you’re all safe, warm and dry. The Moon’s proximity to Earth at the January 1st New Moon and the alignments of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto each roughly 90 degrees from one another as they orbit the Sun, may have been contributing factors in the extraordinary weather we’ve experienced.

Given that the planetary formation doesn’t dissipate for some months, more unseasonable events are likely – especially, perhaps, around the April (15th) lunar eclipse. This doesn’t bode well for food prices which are likely to rise this year – and next.

Elements of this formation have been apparent in the past and have coincided with periods of war. Sadly it seems those old behavioural patterns are repeating. Whilst I’d like to think otherwise, unless the pattern is broken, already tense and appalling situations could escalate further between the March Equinox and the aforementioned lunar eclipse.

As I write though it seems that one of the classic nodal-business cycles is proving to be accurate once more: stocks rose into the end of year and business, if not booming, is rolling along. The next key date is at the end of January when the Full Moon (30th) is followed by Venus’ station and Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto.  With the Sun and Saturn aligning the following week and Mercury stationing, it may be that stocks decline starting the week beginning February 3rd.

Yet even this could prove just another bump in the road with recovery likely by mid-February.

No, if there’s to be real drama, it’s not likely to be between this Full Moon and the next (February 14th) and more likely between those of March and April.

Venus is still retrograde and my client work has reflected this. It’s interesting just how many people are divesting of collections and realising assets – and not always for purely financial reasons.  Obviously (though not always consciously) they’re making way for the new: a very early spring clean.

This Venus retrograde is of Capricorn hue and one of the other big themes has been the high proportion of friends and colleagues experiencing a shake-up in their careers. Two are returning to jobs they thought they’d long since left behind – revisiting their profession in a way. What’s interesting is that though they’re doing this to boost joint income, there also seems to be a sense in which they’re experiencing rejuvenation through this action. Obviously my sample is small – but you may hear of similar stories (which I’d love to know about if you have time to write).

Capricorn though is one of the signs linked to both government and the ‘banks of nations’. I wonder what deals are going on behind closed doors? Whilst these might work temporarily, those involved may find these decisions come back to haunt them around the Full Moon in July.

The 1st January 1999 chart for the launch of the Euro currency is being ‘kissed by Venus’ presently. This ‘kiss’ won’t last forever though and once it’s over (early March), it’s Mars’ that affects the chart.  It might not be too long after then that the Eurozone is once again ‘at war’.  Pluto arrives at its retrograde station at the April lunar eclipse which may indicate the reneging on an earlier deal. I fully expect us to experience escalating  currency wars between now and 2020.

Which brings me back to gold: the more work I do on this, the more convinced I become that its decline since Saturn entered Scorpio will cease when that planet changes signs. There is one other major factor at work here – but that too dissipates toward the end of 2014. Of course, like a flooded room that takes ages to dry out, it could take all of 2015 for gold to recover. Yet I imagine it will surpass earlier highs before the end of the decade.

I wonder too is silver will experience a minor lift in early February – perhaps around 5th? We shall see.

For now I am focused on the astro-finance course and, after that, my trip to Florida (don’t want to wish my time away but can’t wait to see friends there – and the parrots!). On my first trip there, the formation of a flock of birds weaving out across the bay and then changing direction seems symbolic of the need for the world to change financial direction. (There were various Yod-planetary formations that year.) Whereas then, I thought a part answer was a ‘return to basics’ approach, now I’m realising that we may have been flying over and discounting areas of potential abundance. Discussions with clients are making me ever-more aware of increased creativity.

The very plasticity of our brains and inherent ability to adjust to new conditions may be magnified during this long period when Neptune and Chiron transit Pisces together. There may be Einstein material within each and every one of us.

At least whilst Venus is retrograde (until end of January) it’s worth taking time to review ideas and assessing which, if any, could form the corner stones of new business and financial strategy. You may be surprised by what you come up with.

Until next time,

Do please keep in touch,

As always,

Yours from the stars


PS. I have created a ‘waiting list’ for the next 6 week astro-finance trading course. This will run on Sundays at 18.00 GMT – 10.00 PST to accommodate the US West Coast students. Please email if you are interested.

October 2013

Dear Fellow Stargazers,

Happy Hunters Moon

But please fasten seatbelts: we could all be in for a very bumpy ride over the next month.

The US crisis may be resolved (temporarily) but echoes of the near-collapse of the global financial system could be heard for some years yet.

You may recall that Uranus and Pluto are now in their ‘First Quarter’ phase of a cycle that began in the mid-1960s. That too was a time of great economic, social and political upheaval. Present planetary vibrations are frenetic and some could find these next few weeks simply ‘too much’.

We know of course that the building on anything requires strong foundations. To achieve these means digging deep and putting in structures that can withstand both man-made and natural pressures. So, painful as this period (2010-2015) may be for some, effort seems necessary and yes, that could include placing commercial trading limits and getting rid of items and services that have outlived their usefulness.

For each of us, the next four weeks should mark a period of intense archiving and/or finally breaking free of baggage (of all kinds).

There is an area of Scorpio (think deep, charming, intense, mysterious, dark, compelling, compulsive and hoarding) in everyone’s chart. Post the eclipse we will all be required to look and see what’s been hidden (even if for very good reason). Observing the underworld at work – and yes, that may well necessitate dealing with all sorts of ‘nasties’ –  will surely be imperative.

Today’s Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse. On November 3rd there will be a solar eclipse. What happens at any eclipse is that there is disturbance in the geo-magnetic field. Think of a radio station that’s been working perfectly but suddenly goes off message and requires a retune. Imagine this happening to a driver who, whilst reaching for the controls to readjust the signal, then ‘happens to an accident – through which they then meet the person of their dreams.

In short, eclipses are neither all bad or all good – but mark a change in our force field.  The coming solar eclipse is in Scorpio, and, as it is one of the more ‘financial’ signs of the zodiac, and is accompanied by an alignment of the Sun with Saturn, could coincide with the collapse of a large organisation (another insurance company or bank).

It might also be that the recent decision by the Chase Bank to curtail the movement of funds out of the US after November 17th (a HIGHLY significant Full Moon) will be the first of many steps that shake global markets.

In recent times we have become used to increased volatility in the market place. Yet moves in the next few weeks will surely be even greater than have been seen to date. November 6th-7th stands out as does 11th through 15th and, of course, 17th itself.

On 17th, Mars arrives at a critical degree for Wall Street markets. Expect this date to see very sharp moves indeed.

Thursday 14th and Friday 15th should also be important as Venus moves into the Uranus-Pluto formation with the Moon part of the picture also in the early hours (GMT) of 14th.

Bearing in mind the Moon’s relative position to Earth, it may be that a storm (or other force of nature), which builds in intensity around 12th acts as catalyst.

Should any or all of this happen, then it is reasonable to expect there to be knock-on effect in the precious metals markets (especially post November 11th). True, until Saturn leaves Scorpio next year, even if prices rise they are unlikely to move as much as some hope. Holding some gold and silver though, to me, makes perfect sense as part of a portfolio.

I would like to have spent more time continuing my research in this area but the cosmos had other plans: articles in the Daily Mail and then in today’s Financial Times have led to an unusual number of enquiries and some very interesting new clients.

On top of this, and through a client, I was privileged to speak to a group of designers focusing on likely trends for the period Autumn/Winter 2015-6. It made a refreshing change to look at that period post the present Uranus-Pluto square and the great Cardinal Cross forming in 2014.

These designers were SO in tune with the coming energy – so much that I think we can all be assured that the designs and colours surrounding us in late 2015 and early 2016 will prove perfect salve to the raucous and loud nature of 2010-2015. At a simple level: the reds can go and the pastels come in.

I will get back to research next week I hope, and, in my next letter will give you an update on the new version of Market Analyst.

The Equinox webinar went ahead as planned. The December solstice one is already mentioned on the website. This will be followed by a six week financial astrology course. Please email to register interest for either. There will be required reading prior to the course and you may wish to get started early.

I have accepted an invitation to speak in Phoenix, AZ at the ISAR conference next September. This is rapidly becoming another N.American tour as it seems I will be going there via Toronto and Boston.

Next stop though is Florida (late February/early March) and then Dublin late April/early May.

For now, hoping that you can ride these next few weeks safely, healthily and happily,

Yours from the stars


September 2013

Dear Fellow Star Gazers

Happy Harvest Moon.

It’s living up to its reputation: the Dow Jones Index closed on a high last night (could be something to do with this Full Moon being at right angles to the Galactic Centre).

The big question, of course, is what happens next? This weekend Pluto stations (as it did back in April when the gold feel 2% on the trading days either side of the station), and then there’s the Equinox on Sunday. These next few days promise considerable excitement. And what does that mean:

Well, along with other planetary pictures it does seem that globally we’re on a new financial track. I am still of the opinion that sovereign debt has yet to be fully addressed and that markets at some point have to fall – but that could still be some weeks away. I anticipate that there will be strong moves in gold but, if there is a fall next week, would view this as a buying opportunity. Equities however, could continue to hold strong until September 26th.

Jupiter and the Sun will be exactly a fifth of a circle apart at the Equinox. Imagine a five-pointed star with just two lights shining. The other points are still there but hidden from view. Those with birthdays within a  day of September 22nd, December 4th, February 13th, April 26th and July 10th could act as radio receivers for this special energy. This could bring luck, good-fortune, gifted teachers and opportunities your way.

Far less constructive is the period around the next New Moon (October 5th) which once again sees the right-angle between Uranus and Pluto highlighted. This angle, which has been within orb for a couple of years has coincided with expected shift in social, economic and political values. Tempting as it is to think that human-kind is ‘in charge’, it may be that the gravitational forces of these two planets on the Sun itself, causes significant solar flares and, should these affect Earth satellite systems, then widespread disruption – which could easily result in indices falling sharply and dramatically.

True, there may be very human factors that create the circumstances for a correction. The bottom line though is that the period between October 1st and 7th looks treacherous.

Cyprus and the problems of the Euro may have been out of the news for some months now, but difficulties in the Eurozone still exist and could erupt in the early days of October. I am expecting strong moves in the currency markets in the first two weeks of October with sterling strongly featured. Mars then moves into Virgo on October 15th – which should be significant for USDGBP trades. If there is a change of trend that day I would expect it to last for at least five days.

Mercury stations at 18 Scorpio on 21st October – just after the Full Moon (18th) and ahead of the Sun’s move into Scorpio on 23rd. From that date – and through to the end of November, could find the UK going from one financial banana skin to another. The insurance and pensions industries will surely be involved. A further possibility is that bad weather will give rise to an increase in claims.

Ten years ago I was putting the finishing touches to the Financial Universe book. In that, I gave the opinion that there would need to be huge shake-ups in taxes and pensions and, of course, the banking industry. This next three months should see an acceleration of developments in this area.

When writing these letters I often check back to see what clients have asked in recent weeks. A recurring theme this time is what to do about long-term pension arrangements. In each case I have looked closely both at the person’s chart for now – and the charts for the period when their pension is due to pay-out. That’s meant looking far ahead – to 2035 and more. I’m fairly certain that there another recession will affect the world between now and then (mid 2020s) which is prompting me to think carefully as to the best 10 year investments – beginning now.

My conclusions are always the same: health, family and friendships and, in the world of shares, water and all related products and services.

Back here, several chapters of the astro-trading manual (yes, it does exist!) are being read by students and friends I met on my recent travels. Hopefully I can bring this to the finishing line before long.

To that end, it seems right to get started on those financial classes. The first will be on Sunday 29th September at 15.00 GMT using Webinex. If you haven’t used this before, then we’ll set up a quick trial before hand. The class will last for 75 minutes and cost £24. If you would like to enrol, please email me.

Finally, my trips to Philadelphia and Toronto were just magical. In keeping with my transits, ideas flew past at a near rate of one an hour. Amazing. Plans for return visits and special classes are well underway.

Last but not least, I am still happily working with the new Market Analyst programme and plan to send out a special mailing about just how excellent it is for astro-traders. If you can’t wait for that, then again, please email me.

For now, wishing you a very Hppy Full Moon and Equinox

Yours from the stars


August 21st 2013

Dear Fellow Star Gazers,

I am celebrating this Full Moon in Toronto after a week in Philadelphia at the NCGR conference. Wherever you are, I do hope that clear skies make this a special time for you too.

This Full Moon is extra-special in that it’s on one of the ‘astrologer’s degrees’. Astrology is highlighted – and how!

The conference seemed to be benefit from the energy of this Full Moon: I’m confident that most attendees left the conference keen to review charts and to make use of some of the excellent material presented.

If you haven’t guessed already, Jupiter (he of the thunderbolts) has hit my chart full on: add in the Full Moon and I really have enjoyed an amazing few days. Obviously I’m travelling and making new connections and my ‘window on the world’ is opening wider. Those of you born in the early days of April, July, October and January may also be experiencing variations on this theme.

Yet Jupiter is opposite Pluto – one of the planetary signatures of gambling and of stretching finances too far. As far as I’m concerned I’m not yet sure how I’m going to live up to the various promises I’ve made as regards trips and speaking engagements! It will be Saturn’s job to arrange contracts and agree timelines.

At a serious level- and on the global stage -it may be that national debt is of great concern to many – the Eurozone especially. I anticipate that the crisis will grow and that those working Forex will be under pressure in the week beginning September 16th.

The opposition between Jupiter and Pluto will hang in the sky for some months. As it does, it aligns with the charts of many nations – including the USA: all of which suggests that at least one nation could be facing a fiscal cliff before long. The next Full Moon (September 19th), should see the net stage of this crisis. For those looking ahead, just how ‘leaky’ the situation is may be apparent this coming weekend. Perhaps no-one really knows the sums involved. This weekend expect to hear figures that are beyond the understanding of most of us.

It is well known that as the Sun, or any planet, moves from one sign to another, market sentiment changes. Not only does the Sun move into Virgo this week but, as it does, both the Sun and Mercury oppose Neptune. This could have effect on food commodity prices this Friday.

It’s Mars’ turn to change signs next week as it moves into Leo on 28th. Leo is one of the Fire signs. After a few ‘drippy’ days, perhaps markets will feel the need to roar once more. Obviously this could affect those born under this sign too (includes President Obama). Soon after the next Full Moon, Venus and Mars will be at right angles to one another (Mars still in Leo). This doesn’t look good for World Peace – even if, as of end of August, it seems that some difficulties are en route to resolution.

Hold the thought that the NEXT Full Moon (September 19th) is at right angles to the Galactic Centre, that Pluto stations the day after and that within hours of all that, the Sun arrives at the Equinox. When Pluto stationed back in April, gold fell by 2% on the trading days either side of the station. Significant moves might once again be anticipated in the days leading into the Equinox.

I am expecting a few short term gains for gold in the first week of September. Thereafter we could see a pull back before it moves upwards once more.

My attention is once again with silver which, given lunar patterns should see upward moves before the end of the year. I’m going to cover this and more at the Toronto event this weekend.

Interest for this was such that the event was moved so that we could accommodate more people. It will now be at the University of Toronto where I’ve spoken before. (more details from

This Thursday evening (22nd) I’ll be talking about general investment trends. From Friday evening (23rd) and through Sunday (25th), the format is different. The event gathered its own momentum (in keeping with the planets) and has become a mini astro-financial course that closes with emphasis on the personal chart and financial life patterns. I will be showing some of the amazing features of the new Market Analyst programme. There’s a new version of this due out in September which I intend to review on the site as soon as I can. So far, what I have seen is beyond excellent.

For those of you looking for investment opportunities in the next four weeks, I’m going to stick with what I believe is a safe theme – waste management. It might not appear so quite yet, but conservation and all that supports thrift management should make gain.

If you are an index watcher, dates of some significance are September 11th and the week beginning 16th.

Wishing you well wherever you are and that the planets are contributing to a fascinating life journey.

Yours from the stars


March 27th Full Moon

So, with imperfect (?) timing we came to Cyprus for a short break: to celebrate the Equinox and to give me space to make more corrections to my astro-trading book.

In reality I’ve spent time looking at charts for Cyprus and for the Euro, visited the Sanctuary of Apollon and Aphrodite’s Rock and experienced my first ‘Coptic Storm’ and learnt how the latter have been forecast over the last few thousands years. (It’s all to do with declination, lunar distance and phases and is quite fascinating).

Greatest impact though has been walking through ancient ruins and wondering how other civilisations coped with collapsing economies. Presently there is, of course, anger, confusion and a real sense of loss and bitterness.

The Euro:

The proffered ‘bail out’ is entirely in keeping with the chart for Cyprus. Jupiter passing over the Moon and Mars in Cyprus’ chart has brought understandable relief that banks will soon reopen though there are real worries as to the legal terms of the actions required by the IMF and ECB.

Even after Jupiter’s transit though, Cyprus is not out of the cosmic woods and neither is