4th Quarter 2019

2019 marks exactly 90 years since the Wall Street Crash of late October 1929. Though the traders of that time are no longer with us, it is possible that they have seeded a legacy in the minds of today’s traders. The anniversary may well be marked by negative sentiment.

The ‘90’ factor is significant: representing as it does, a quarter of a circle. No less important is the dominating New Moon of October 28th. At this lunation, the Sun opposes Uranus at 4 Taurus as Mercury approaches a station at 27 Scorpio – and as the Moon reaches maximum declination. October 28th – 31st should surely be red-ringed as being potentially super-active. The night before this important New Moon, Mars is at right angles to Saturn – another marker of likely difficulty.

(As an aside, the European Union has set a new Brexit date of October 31st – just as its new council takes up position. That Mercury is stationary retrograde suggests that this will not be an easy transition and understandable then if markets were turbulent over these few days).

It seems important to note that throughout much of 2019, Pluto opposes the position held in October 1929 and also noteworthy that when Pluto reached the 90 degree position to this degree in 1979, that the Dow Jones fell by over 10%. A dramatic fall before Pluto leaves this area of the zodiac is entirely possible.

Yet what is negative in one direction may be positive in another. The late October New Moon, in Scorpio might reasonably draw attention to precious metals and, specifically, gold and silver prices. I am of the opinion that both might reach peaks between mid February and the March Equinox in 2020.

It is interesting that the gold index on June 14th returned to levels last witnessed at Jupiter’s retrograde station on April 11th. Its recent upward thrust began with a (geocentric) opposition of Mercury (in Gemini) to Jupiter. This is not the first time that the so-called ‘hard’ aspects between these two planets – occurring as they travel through Mutable signs – has manifested in upward trajectory for this index. On that basis, it would be unsurprising if a similar pattern repeated at the First Quarter Moon on September 6th.

Just a week earlier, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all grouped in Virgo. Between 28th and 30th August, Mercury passes Bayer 15 degree-rule degrees and all as the lunar Node crosses the Solar degree of key charts for the USA. This too could be a critical time.

All this comes just ahead of Jupiter’s final quarter phase with Neptune – a geocentric aspect coinciding with the September Equinox. The bubble may be preparing to burst. Early warning signs could appear at the Full Moon on September 14th. This lunation is within a degree of the Full Moon that heralded the collapse of Lehman Brothers. It may be that the financial world experiences another Lehman moment – but this time via a Chinese company or brand.

In 2019, and at the September Full Moon, first Mercury and then Venus reach 0 Libra – heralding the Equinox. With both of these inner planets at a key point on the World Axis, it seems reasonable to expect that any activity. (For those interested in the UK’s FTSE index: against the back-drop of Pluto in Capricorn, this index has turned negative on 9 out of 10 of the occasions when Venus made Libra ingress.)

The chart for the Equinox resonates greatly with that of regularly used chart for the USA – and includes a formidable configuration of Moon-Mercury and Saturn suggests a challenging fourth quarter to the year.

True, first signs of the singular difficulties likely to be experienced on Wall Street might not appear until early October when first Mercury and then Venus move into Scorpio and, between the two ingresses, Mars’ arrives in Libra. That these events take place as the Moon reaches maximum declination whilst the Moon moves from North to South latitude may be indicative of disturbed weather patterns and ensuing chaos.

Whatever the cause of the chaos, the Moon’s occultation of Saturn on October 5th gives little reason to think that authorities will be able to cope and yes, panic seems likely and would surely affect all markets.

There is little comfort in planetary positions over the weekend of October 12th and 13th could leave traders in markedly negative frame of mind as that trading week gets underway though it may be the end of October before the mood turns to panic.