Brexit: update March 2018

The United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union at midnight, British Summer Time on 29th March 2019. It is reasonably to assume that the set-for-London chart for this moment will yield indications as to whether the UK will experience a ‘soft’ or a ‘hard’ Brexit.

Before looking at that chart though, we should also consider the most commonly used chart for the UK – for midnight local time on 1st January 1801. This chart may be thought of as that of UK PLC. Though the land has had many charts (from pre William the Conqueror and onward), it is this 1801 chart that still resonates.

This chart places the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon, opposing in Cancer. Since 2008, Pluto has been moving slowly through Capricorn: crossing the solar position of the 1801 chart and now approaching the opposition to the Moon.  Since 2008, the potential for break up of the United Kingdom has increased. It seems the time is ripe for re-invention.

The fact that the Brexit vote produced a near 50-50 split in the voting public (remainers and leavers) is in keeping with the many aspects affecting the 1801 chart. The re-build into a new nation with fresh commercial interests is indicated by many factors. That this will take time – likely well over a decade is indicated by many astro-factors.

What we can say is that the Union is going through crisis – Brexit being just one (and much in the spotlight) part.

Of the many interesting features of the chart for leaving the EU on 29th March 2019, is the fact that there is a Scorpio Ascendant (Mars ruled), an Aries Sun (also Mars ruled) and Mars placed within a degree of the Descendant and on the Sun-Moon midpoint (cutting ties), suggesting that this really will be a strong break-away. There is little ‘friendly’ about Mars on the Descendant – it is war-like. In Taurus, it is also fixed, stubborn and determined.

That Mars is also aligned with the Fixed Star, Algol (not in the slightest cuddly and usually indicative of trouble), suggests that this divorce will, at the very least, be an uncomfortable one.

If we look more closely, we see that Saturn opposes the 1801 Moon position in March 2019 – suggesting cut off and isolation, whilst Pluto aligns with the lunar South Node – evoking the idea of a tribe set apart.

The Brexit chart, set for London, has the Moon, Saturn and Pluto all in the second house (money matters) with Saturn exact on the Moon-Pluto midpoint. The cupboard may well be bare! This divorce is surely going to be expensive.

Pluto (great and hidden wealth but yes, with over-tones of manipulation and power) is on the Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint. This seems indicative of the size of the divorce bill, the ruthlessness of final negotiations and the potential tax crisis the act will leave in its wake.

We should also wonder if, with Chiron on the Vesta-Sun midpoint in the fifth house, if there will be a run on sterling: certainly speculation will surely be rife. Yes, this is common sense. However, that the chart for the moment of Brexit shows this so clearly is telling.

We will note too that Mercury stations earlier that day – in Pisces (fish swimming in different directions) and exactly conjoined to Neptune: fish swimming in a fog. Where commerce (Mercury) is concerned, this could be the ultimate in confused activity.

Then there is Uranus to consider. This is the planet that brought the shock vote to leave. It’s position in this chart is EXACTLY 45 degrees (an eighth of a cycle) from Mercury. This is yet another indicator of potential political confusion, with politicians ‘playing games’ and likely leading to confusion at the docks – especially with regard to the transportation of live-stock and eco (Taurus) interests.


Yet there are signs within this chart of positive outcome. To start with Jupiter, in Sagittarius, is within orb of the Galactic Centre – signalling the global opportunities Brexit will bring.

There is also a sextile between Venus and Uranus: an aspect pointing to exciting opportunities for the risk takers and innovators.

Jupiter makes septile aspects to Mars, suggesting an ease in doing business with those who may have been outsiders or even ‘enemies’ and making the best of these.

Nor should we forget that the planets move on. This is the chart for just one moment! True, re-alignment, re-formating and rebuilding will surely take some years. It is even possible that a future vote will find the UK seeking to rejoin the European Union (though it itself will surely be much changed) in 2024/5.

Copyright: Christeen Skinner March 2018