A review of the position of the planets and stars at your birth, together with consideration of the solar activity on your special day provides the framework for a consultation.

Relevant charts are prepared and studied in advance of our 90 minute meeting or 60 minute telephone call. An agenda will always be discussed and set in advance. Every effort is made to deal with primary issues. Some clients choose to consult annually, others monthly, with some businesses or entrepreneurs agreeing a regular full-day schedule. Specific future-casting work is also undertaken for those working in the fashion and media industries.

Required data: for individuals, the date, time and place of birth. For companies, date of Incorporation and, where applicable, date, time and place of First Trade.

It is not uncommon for clients to comment on how quickly they find astro-analysis helpful. Not only can analysis of planet positions identify specific periods of tension or ease, astro-geographic techniques show in which parts of the world these will be most keenly felt.

A basic individual analysis costs £180

Company analysis from £300

Consultations are held in London offices or over the Internet using the Webex or Skype platforms

Please make initial enquiry through the contact form on this site.